I bought lifetime

After going back and forth for 3 days i finaly convinced myself to buy thew lifetime subscription, i had the subscription for a year back in 2019 and now it went from all burned to 1000+ reviews to do xddd feel like im gonna reset to level 4 or 5. is there anyone out here who has experienced the same? if yes, is it worth it resetting that far or should i just go back to level 10??


I used WaniKani for around 2 years (really on and off) while in college and made it all the way to level 23 before taking a huge break. I also purchased lifetime and when I decided to pickup my Japanese learning again, I decided it would be best to reset all the way down to level 1. I was going to do something like 5 or 10, but the burned items in the levels before those, stay burned and I was finding that I was blanking on even simple kanji from lower levels. I find it worth it to reset personally, because I really needed the review of lower level items and it also makes me feel great when I can recall a meaning or reading for one without having to read the meaning or reading section of the lesson page. And since we have lifetime, it’s not like we’re paying for extra months to make up for the lost time.


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