I assume the WaniKani team have

… scrapped the idea of bringing back the Summary Page, and have instead focused on what they think really matters; a new level up alert banner.

I appreciate that I may be speaking only for myself, but I have never had an issue tracking what level I am on, or how I am progressing on it… mainly because there was a progress bar on the homepage.

This bar coupled with the Summary Pages allowed me to quickly see where I was at on my current level (HP) and to see my wider progress with items moving between each level (SP).

The biggest hinderance to my tracking process was when they introduced the Extra Study section and that pushed the progress bar further down the homepage. I understand the need to promote this new feature, but I would have like the option to have the progress bar above the extra study section as that is more in-line with how (I assume) most people use Wanikani.

Two months ago or so, with the update that removed the Summary there wa a great outcry from users over the loss of the Summary Page. “We are looking into it” “We have taken this feedback on board”, yet here we are with an update that tells us stuff we do not need to be told, and would not need to be told if earlier changes had not got in the way.

I’m not bemoaning the Extra Study feature; I occasionally do use it and think it is a good idea. What did bother me, is that I couldn’t remove it and I had to scroll down the page to track my progress. It is a slight inconvenience, I get that, but the point is it has made it (for me) less user-friendly and thus perhaps adding to this perceived difficult that WaniKani claim users have of tracking their progress.

Then then week, we have an update which (to me) infantilizes us further by putting up this banner. It sells itself on the fact that people have struggled to track their process. How? How have they not released that they have increased a level or been able to track their progress? After 3 or 4 levels people would normally be aware of how it works, I would assume. Perhaps, if they had a summary page or the progress bar was more prominent on the homepage, this update wouldn’t be needed.

Why was this update focused on and prioritized over replacing the Summary Page? It gives mor credence to those saying that WaniKani will wait for the shock and annoyance of the lost Sumamry Page to die down, and then ignore it.

It seems like a team of developers are fresh out of college have taken over, and are more interested in making unnecessary changes for the sake of changes instead of focusing on what the site and users really need/want. Or is this update the brainchild of an intern with nothing else to do?

Why waste so much time and effort on such a needless update and feature, when there is clearly a demand for the summary page to be returned, or and equivalent added.

Yes, there are work-arounds and third-party software but not every has time or know-how of how to implement them. If anything, it adds more weight to my view that WaniKani’s updates are so bad that they have to rely on 3rd parties to make their product work more effectively by removing the updates they are releasing.

I am not talking about the bugs that need to be resolved when an update is launched; that happens with 90% if not 100% of updates to any form of software. I’m talking about the update itself.

I don’t usually rant online. I appreciate this will not be in line with other people’s thinking but I am just astounded by how dumb, and needless, some of these updates have been. Wanikani is an excellent resource but I cannot think of a product that is cannibalizing itself with such poor decision making. The summary page was such a useful and beneficial tool. It just pisses me off so much to see these moronic, child-like, ridiculous banners being flouted about as something that will make the WaniKani experience greater, when there is no apparent demand for it, but there is a clear demand with logical reasoning posted 100 times over, about a need and want for a summary page

To quote Benoit Blanc, “It’s just dumb.”

Anyway, good luck to whoever doing the JLPT next week. Happy f**king Friday.


Agreed. This new update feels especially unnecessary to me because WaniKani already sends out an e-mail notification every time a user levels up. I have no idea how the developers think that we were totally clueless about our level ups and had no way to track our progress before this new update. :thinking: And even if the e-mails didn’t notify us, it’s always been pretty obvious when a level up happens because a huge batch of new lessons get unlocked. This new level up banner definitely feels childish and unneeded. I 100% agree with everything you said!


Yeah, there is a lot of amateur hour going on these days. They are just dumping changes on the entire community without giving much though to “Is this redundant?”, “Is this needed?”, “Will this negatively affect users?”,… etc. Completely with you on the thought that this is a young/inexperienced group with no real work experience behind them. They can do the technical work but lack the experience to know if they should/shouldn’t or how to implement changes when needed.

Let’s hope enough of these complaints motivate them to learn instead of doubling down in spite.


It was clear from the get-go that the summary page wasn’t coming back. The made an architectural change that removed the notion of session, and hence of a session summary.

Not saying it was a good idea, but the summary page 無くなりました.

— Dave


I guess shame on us for believing the team when they said they said they would make a replacement. What, if any, answers from the team can we expect to genuine at this point?


To even call that banner thing an update, to create a whole page to introduce that little animation as an epic feature and to explain how to click on a x-button is just ridiculous.

If WK stays on the trajectory of the past 6 months, it’ll soon be the most infantile japanese-tool on the internet and may as well be renamed to KingergartenKanji.


Same feelings from the kana-only vocab front, man!

And in the explanation post of the levelup banner, they even used this very specific wording…



It’s maddening. Though, I will give them credit for no doubt resisting the urge to insert “like” after “can be”.

Wonder if they will use this same answer as their offical response to the Summary Page question,


See I never used summary page and cant remeber what it looked like since I clearly never even noticed it.

Now that’s not to say others didn’t clearly many did. But it’s not a universally used feature.

Those who care about it post about those that dont dont.

But it is vexxing that changes keep happening in a small comunitee without the comunitee being aware and then an outcry happening by those impacted.

Thats the annoying part to me.


it was the screen you got after a review showing you your percentage and which items you got right/wrong/burned
Like unless every single time you blacked out after a review, you would’ve seen it


It’s a universally not-used not-feature now.


Oh man… Are we all toddlers? The phrasing of this message borders on being insulting :sweat_smile:. Like, people have leveled up before and knew they leveled up without the new alert, because the information about the level is literally everywhere.


Yeah they have been making a lot of poor decisions lately which is concerning. Only reason I still use WK is because of Tsurukame. Tsurukame app has the ability to block out kana only vocabulary and I still get the summary pages through that app.

I would think bringing back the summary pages, continuing the word combination as they have only done that up to level 15, and adding more kanji would be higher on the priority list. I guess not.


the level-up banners are

  • purely aesthetic
  • completely unneeded
  • and utterly trivial

yet they make a big front-page announcement for it.

are they that desperate to have some kind of good news to report?


I thought it seemed strangely pointed, as one of the early complaints about the summary page was that going back immediately to the dashboard feels jarring, but yeah, that too!


multiple things can be (and are) worked on at the same time. that’s how software development works. it’s not just one guy, it’s a team. it’s not even up to the developers themselves to prioritize what should be worked on at all.

besides, it’s not an either/or choice. it doesn’t take nearly as long to implement a new level up celebration component as it is to (re)implement a summary page feature.

people just love complaining about anything. it’s crazy.


I hope I’m not derailing this thread too much but can any of the community members confirm if the level up e-mail still got sent after they levelled up ever since the celebration animation was added this week? I’m asking because I just levelled up but didn’t get any level up e-mail this time despite the feature still being “on” according to the account settings page (I only got the new celebratory animation on the dashboard).


just checked, i got my level-up email yesterday

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I leveled up last night and didn’t get an e-mail about it either! I e-mailed the WaniKani team and asked them if they removed the level-up e-mail feature and they were confused and said that they didn’t change it and that the level up e-mails should still continue to be sent out and they didn’t know why it didn’t send. I’m actually glad to hear that I’m not the only one that this glitch happened to! The team told me that they’ll get someone to look into it on Monday. But I would advise that you e-mail the team about it too so that they know that more than one person is having this problem!


Thank you @Mrs_Diss and @MajiBun56 for your information. :slightly_smiling_face:
It seems that the e-mail process doesn’t work in some cases just as yours, @MajiBun56, and mine. I’ll follow your advice and send an e-mail Wanikani as well to draw attention to this issue.

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