I am confusing 鰐 and 蟹

Qualified as a leech. I thought 鰐 means crab and is read カニ. Perhaps because there is Kaniwani. Isn’t the crab is in the sea, therefore a fish 魚…? No, it is actually an insect 虫.

Also, what does 鰐蟹 means? Not WaniKani, but…

With a spacebar inside… very matter, if you have No Cigar on.

Also, if I type Wani Kani, it becomes Want Kanji


Crabs are arthropods (like insects and spiders)


JMdict mentions that 鰐 also referred to sharks (archaic), maybe the inventors of the kanji thought that alligators were actually sharks running around on the ground, which might explain the fish part. Crabs have lots of legs, like an insect.

Welp, now Koichi and the gang will appear at your house and look at you with dissappointed eyes, at least that is what it says in the description

I always think of サメ as 鮫.

It means that a few hundred years ago people saw 鰐 and thought of sharks :wink:

Edit: something like this ワニ - Wikipedia

I read somewhere (can’t remember where exactly), that ‘wani’ used to refer to some kind of mythological beast. When sharks and alligators came to be known, the word came to refer to those as well.
¯\(ツ)/¯ languages and words are weird, man.

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Speaking of beasts, this shark–alligator business reminds me of statues of elephants I saw in Nikko, you can easily see what happens when you never actually saw an animal and only have your imagination and some tall tales.


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