Kanji Meaning Changed?


I have a kanji up for burn and noticed that 昆 is given the meaning of insect. I got this wrong regardless during my review but i swear the meaning back when I learned it was descendant. Did they change the meaning of this kanji? Please help my sanity ._.


You are not mad, they changed it last November ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes it was changed.

Any reason on why? Also, is there a place where I can see status updates like this so I can adjust my mnemonics? Even though I’m 43, I rarely check on when WK gets updated lol.

Because even if the meaning of “descendant” is totally correct and appear in some words, probably the most common words using that kanji outside of 昆布 are words related to insect like 昆虫, 昆虫学 etc

You can see them here, there is a monthly post:

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The kept “descendant” as a valid answer though, so you should be fine if you remember that meaning.


On a burn review, I put descendant for this. Then I looked and it said it also meant insect. I was very confused and assumed I had accidentally given an alternate meaning. Then 混 came up and I answered “descendant” for it because I knew something was supposed to be descendant, but I thought 昆 was not it.

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Sadly I didn’t :frowning:

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