How's everyone like the new layout?

I love it so far. The review forecast helps me to organise my review during the day. But it’s a pity that we can no longer hover over a kanji to see the next review timeline. If we can also see which word to review in the review forecast, it could be cool.

The colors are orange for apprentice, current-level kanji and radical reviews, black for burn reviews, and the default green for everything else.

As for how far along you are within a level, the default dashboard should show that just under the lessons/reviews buttons (in absolute numbers rather than percent, but does that really matter?). Or am I misunderstanding what you’re after?

I think @tontonxris meant vocab specifically. Once you level up, you don’t have any indication how many vocab items of the previous level are left to do, and at what SRS stage they are.
This is why I installed the Dashboard Level Progress Detail userscript, which keeps the bars that are under 90% guru visible on the dashboard, although it comes at the cost of not seeing the individual items.


Yes this is what I meant.
I tried this extension, but it don’t seem to work on my computer.
Thank you all for the information about the colors.

You install the wanikani open framework? Installing Wanikani Open Framework

[edit] Nevermind, I thought I was replying to a different thread :sweat_smile:

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Love the forecast, but color-coding it as someone suggested above would be better.

Needs an option to eliminate the gigantic buttons. I just need two numbers—taking up tiny space—at the top.

Being able to customize “section order” would solve a lot of problems. I’d put (tiny) buttons at top, then forecast, then status count by category, but others would want different.

I use my phone about 98% of the time.

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Updated in what way? I’m still being blinded by the Level Progress and Review Forecast sections. Do I need to manually update it or something?

Edit : disregard, I have an older version. updating to the newest version is failing, though, so I have to figure that out.

Edit 2 : I’ve fixed it! \ o /

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I may do that, though I have found a love for it’s cumulative counter when I don’t have my laptop on me

I like the new layout, especially the review forcast is Pretty cool. Now i say: good bye ultimate timeline

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It’s been a week now, and I still keep moving my mouse to the top bar when I want to do lessons or reviews, and it takes a few milliseconds for my brain to figure out why I can’t find the lesson/review buttons anymore. :tired_face:


There was an official app in Beta last year. They stopped developing it.

I’m aware of that, but there was no point in confusing a new user who clearly wasn’t referring to the beta. :wink:

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The update took place last month so if you are new to wanikani it will not really affect you

I may be late to the party here. Not trying to revive a thread or anything. I just wanted to say:


cough That’s all, thanks.


Wait until you learn about Ultimate Timeline


If there were only one improvement I would make would be to have it able to expand to show a breakdown of what will be learned.

Other than that. Go Crabigator!

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Is there any chance to get that option? 12h is just annoying (I’d say for majority of non-English users…). I know that there is [Userscript] Review Forecast 24H Format - #5 by Kumirei but still - yet another script for something that could (I think) be easily done natively

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This is a site to learn Japanese. In Japanese, the 12h system is very common. Better get used to it.

Right, that may be all true yet most likely (at least I) won’t be exposed to it all that much and won’t be faced with it quite often yet I see this 12h system on an hourly basis on WK :wink: (I also ignore backward mm/dd/yyyy date system :wink: )