How well does Genki work alongside WaniKani?

Basically the title. As a companion book, how well does Genki work with WaniKani. I know all my kana, so if were to read Genki and use WaniKani for kanji would the two mesh well?

If your goal is to learn how to read/speak/write Japanese then you need to learn grammar and how to build sentences MORE than Kanji.

If anything Wanikani should be the companion to Genki (or whatever beginner textbook), too many people (myself included) spend all their time worrying about Kanji, because there is a nice easy program that gives you a checklist of things to do. I’ll be the first to tell you though…you can do Wanikani for a year and not even being able to introduce yourself in Japanese.

I highly recommend the Genki book. I am about to finish 1 and go to 2. Every time I finish a chapter, I recognize more vocab and forms that I hear in conversation every day.

Po tip: use the CD or find corresponding audio files online. Even if you know the kana, it’s really helpful to hear spoken Japanese.

WK meshes with everything because it is just learning Kanji. and that’s a skill that improves your reading ability across the board.

The only question is will it be self study? I don’t think self study totally works… and Genki is not the best for self study. I enjoy Genki, but maybe try a few different things a see what works. Tae Kim can be bought of kindle inexpensively. Making Sense of Japanese, Japanese the Manga Way are also good buys.

Genki and Wanikani can work great together, but as someone else mentioned: if you actually want to learn Japanese, Wanikani is the companion, not Genki.

Wanikani is a great kanji and vocabulary supplement, but Genki will actually teach you the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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