Genki learning kanji


I started using Genki and was wondring if I should learn the kanji using only wanikani or it doesn’t matter if I started learning them using the vocabulary section in Genki ?


Use both, it won’t hurt if you learn kanji before they come up on WK… and WaniKani doesn’t cover all Kanji anyway so :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think that’s a problem at all! I do a mix of Genki, WaniKani, and Duolingo and I think it’s great to use a nice variety of learning resources. You get to practice different things in different contexts and that helps your brain generalize the concepts. Specifically I think of WaniKani as the major way I’m learning to recognize the meaning and pronunciation of kanji, whereas Genki kanji helps me to learn stroke order at the same time and gives me different kinds of practice. Learning to write kanji is always going to be slower and at first I was just doing Genki and was super frustrated about the slow pace of kanji acquisition. WaniKani is basically a way to supplement Genki for me.


Too much exposure never hurt anyone. Definitely study a lot outside of WK. I wouldn’t put too much active studying on kanji outside of WK (unless WK doesn’t cover said kanji), but being exposed to the kanji through your grammar studies & reading is a good passive way to enforce what you’ve learned here.


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