Genki + Wanikani

To anyone who has used Genki, should it be studied concurrently with Wanikani or should Genki be attempted after completing Wanikani?

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As long as you have the time, there’s no reason you can’t start genki now. You do need to supplement WK with other studies to learn grammar, so I think it’s prefectly fine to start using Genki right now.


Thanks. I appreciate it very much.

I’d encourage you to start studying it now to build even a very basic grammar foundation. WK doesn’t teach any grammar so you’ll need to learn it at some point, and the longer you put it off, the longer it will take to learn it in the end. That’s my opinion anyway.


Also, I would recommend using as a supplement to genki to provide SRS reviews for the grammar you’re learning.


I second the use of BunPro.

Here are some threads that may be worth your time:

Stop being useful mujer!

Oh, you were talking to me? I’m just trying to be more like JPR, you know?

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I do a private lesson once a week using Genki and started Wanikani much later into Genki.
(That being said i think Genki would give me a headache with out a teacher…as even with a teacher who speaks mostly only Japanese its still hard at times ahah.)

I found the more i learn in Wanikani the more i understand the Vocab and how it is all put together and has been a massive assistance in learning.

I am still WAY far off my Japanese being anywhere near useful to me but its a fun hobby and as soon as i get my act together and start building bunpro with custom sentences and filter out on genki things i hope it will improve my grammar as well as past forms / casual forms and all the other crap that comes with the Japanese language haha.

If you don’t do Genki alongside WaniKani, you’ll need to do somethin. As long as you use it and it works for you, use it! Grammar is really important. If you JUST do WaniKani, you’ll end up able to point out Kanji on every sign you pass, but not able to read a simple sentence. I started studying grammar when I hit level 6, and that was a good place for me, I had just enough vocabulary to work through the first few chapters of a text book (with the additional help of the chapter vocab list of course).

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I didn’t know about Bunpro. This is great. Thank you!

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