How to pronounce "○×クイズ"

I just want to know how to pronounce “○×” as in context sentence for word “二枚舌”:
○×クイズ: ビエトは等身大の初音ミク人形を買うお金を儲けるために、二枚舌を使ってコウイチを騙しました。○か×か?


I guess i asked too fast :slight_smile:○×クイズ

It is read a まる(circle) and ばつ(cross)

There are indeed several symbols out there that don’t really belong to either kana or kanji that Japanese learners should get acquainted with. Some of them are remainders of historical usage or abbreviations of complex kanji.

For example, Aokigahara (a forest near Mount Fuji where people go to commit suicide) is written as 青木ヶ原, where ヶ is read as “ga” (actually rendaku’d “ka”).

A more common example for the small ヶ: Numbers of months.

一ヶ月、二ヶ月 and so on.

On a related note, I learned how to pronounce them and never forgot them after listening to the song Ray by Bump of Chicken.
There’s a line near the end that goes:
「◯×△どれかなんて 皆と比べてどうかなんて」
I saw it come up in the lyric thing and was really confused, but when listening along, he sings まる・ばつ・さんかく…

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