The context sentences for 月

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I was reading the context sentences for , and I found something that I find weird.
The second sentence, “六月はふじ山がやまびらきする月です。”, has “六月”, which should be pronounced ろくがつ, at least according to WaniKani.
However, this sentence is found in vocabulary where 月 is pronounced つき, so unless 六月 is pronounced ろくつき for this specific sentence for some reason (which shouldn’t be the case), isn’t the sentence leading people to the wrong pronunciation?

What are your thoughts?

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This sounds like a good suggestion to make with the WK team. It might be worth contacting them about this suggestion.

I agree that the example sentences should be consistent with the particular vocabulary and reading at hand, and that sentences feels more appropriate for the 六月 vocabulary.

Also I thought the start of the climbing season was July. Maybe it changed.


Huuuuuuh, this does say it’s early July… :thinking:

The real 月 is at the end of the sentence… They just threw in June as a bonus.


The real 月 was inside us all along.


It shouldn’t really matter or confuse you because the on’yomi is told to us as “げつ, がつ” and we are taught that compound words typically use on’yomi. The 月 at the end is read in kun’yomi because it is alone.