How to make WK only accept when all known readings are entered?

Pretty much what the title is saying. I am new to WK and just reached LvL. 2 as I noticed that, when learning new kanji, there are often multiple readings already taught to you in the lessons but you only have to know one of them when reviewing. Maybe I am just a little clumsy, but is there a way to make me have to enter all readings I already know in order to get the reading of a kanji right?

Also, if this was discussed here before please let me know so the topic can be taken down.

Thanks in advance.

No there isn’t. Also be careful what you wish for, some kanjis have a very large number of readings, and if all of them would be required to mark the review as correct probably nobody would ever be able to finish wanikani :joy:

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Indeed. If you include all the rarer readings for a kanji like 生 (which is otherwise extremely common), I think most of us would be very hard-pressed to recall them all for the sake of a review. (I know all the ones that appear in multiple words, I believe, but there are at least another two that you only see in 1-2 words.)

Perhaps more importantly…

I understand that you might just want to make sure you’re learning things ‘well’, but while knowing common readings can be useful for guessing how to read new words, it’s honestly way more useful to know kanji readings inside words. There’s no real point otherwise. By extension, you’re going to find it much more helpful knowing words containing a particular kanji than just knowing all the possible readings or meanings for that kanji.

This isn’t meant to be discouraging or to say that you won’t be able to remember all the readings. It’s just a matter of how kanji are really used. From a practical standpoint, just memorising readings for individual kanji isn’t the most logical approach.


These scripts claim to do this but I have no idea if they work


That’s a pity! I am aware that there are a bunch of kanji with a lot of readings, though i thought that WK is actually made to show you the most common few readings that account for like 80+% of the kanjis uses in vocab. The rest is then learned through vocab itself. That is why I thought if they already give me more than one reading it is probably useful to learn both to cover these about 80%. This way you would still probably never have to enter more than these two to three readings (I am guessing; for most cases) so in my mind it would not be that much more work to do.

If there is really no way to do that as of right now, I think it might be a nice little addition to have atleast an option to do that.

I was just about to post scripts for this, but saw that you beat me to it. :+1:

@ominscient the second script seems more likely to be up to date, but if it isn’t, don’t forget to post in that specific thread to see if there are fixes on the way and explaining your problem. That’s the best way to get help for anything script related. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to put it out there, seeing as you’re new on here!

Good luck with your studies. :high_touch:



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