How to get down from 1.3k open reviews

Hey everyone,

due to lockdown/childcare I didn’t have enough time to do my reviews (was at lvl 9). Now after a couple of months, I want to start again. I got down to 1250, but it’s going slowly and it feels like I’m probably not going to repeat kanji/vocabs often enough at this point to learn them again. I’m wondering how others dealt with this.



You can reset your level to a lower level through the settings if you feel like you forgot too much. Other than that, just keep on doing as many reviews as possible every day and obviously hold off lessons until you have reached zero reviews and a manageable apprentice count again (<200).

In general you will get a lot of reviews wrong and it will take a while for all of them to cycle through the apprentice stages again, but it’s not really an issue as long as you keep doing reviews everyday.


I saw this comment yesterday regarding the same issue and really like their solution:

Hope it helps and good luck with your reviews! :cherry_blossom:


How do you figure?

It’s really no different than if you hadn’t had a few months away. If you get a review and you know it - great! It’ll move on to the next level. If you fail it, it’ll go down a level and you’ll see it more often until you get it down.

You’ll be surprised - this won’t be as daunting as it seems. Pick a day you want to be back down to 0 reviews. Let’s say mid-month, so the 15th. That’s 10 days from now, so focus on getting your review count down 125 every day.

At the end of today, aim for 1125. That’s not so bad, right?
Tomorrow, aim for 1000.
Day after that, 875.
Day after that, 750.

You’ll be down to 0 and back on your feet in no time.

I always advise against resetting. IMO it needlessly throws away progress on content that you do know, and will be more overall effort and time taken in the end.


To add to what others have said, if you want to burn down your reviews you could do a set number each day, and start with the highest SRS level. Whether you get those right or wrong they’ll get out of your queue for at least a few weeks.

The downside to doing 1000+ reviews in a short time like that is that you’ll see them come around again in large stacks for a while. If you get 100 guru reviews to master at the same time, they’ll come back as a 100 review stack eventually. So even once you’ve finished the pile you may want to wait until your apprentice and guru counts have gone down before doing a lot of lessons.

Or you can reset a level or two. I did when I picked studying backup and the easy reviews were a nice confidence booster, but the SRS will do its job either way.

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Do your reviews. I hope I was able to help you.


I strongly support @jerseytom’s view. The process he outlines will be painful at first, because you will feel like you forgot so much. But after some time, everything will be back in order in your head again :slight_smile:

(I cannot say anything about the Ultimate Reorder script pointed out in the post @momoni gave a link to, as I haven’t been using it so far.)

Next time, you may want to use the vacation mode? You will still have hard work to do when you come back, because you will have interrupted the memorization process the SRS uses ; but the workload will be more naturally spaced!

Well for now dont bother doing any lessons, cos it’ll only get buried. Shuffle your words (apprentice/guru/master/enlightened) and just do a set number everyday (100-150) or every hour (10-20). This is so that the reviews wont return in a flood. Flamming durtles have the option for you to see which stage the word is at. If you don’t remember the words, just get it wrong and move on.

but some reviews might come back again, and they’ll have to do more than 125 reviews a day. Which is kinda annoying unless they turn on vacation mode

I didn’t remember vacation mode! That’s an excellent tip, I’m very sure I’ll remember it next time >.< Thanks!

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Good luck, klimek! I’m down to 160ish after letting my reviews spiral up into the mid-2000s somewhere. I’ve slowly chipped away - brick by boring brick - and now I’m back to where I should be. I took the same approach that jerseytom mentioned.

Actually I’m in the exact same situation, I wanted to start doing the reviews few weeks ago but it was always overwhelming to see 1300 - 1400 reviews, especially that after a couple of reviews I see that I don’t remember almost any of them.

Over a week ago I’ve started to do them everyday. Not a fix amount but 10-20min before work, some time in the evening, and to take a small break during work, and so far I got it down to 800.
The good news of all that is that if you really focus on the kanji -> work through it by understanding each component(radical) then after a while, it slowly comes back to you. You begin to recall more and more, and even tho you’ll miss most of it on the first attempt, it’s much easier to remember them after that one fail, than it was at the beginning when you were just starting with a given Kanji.

I hope it makes some sense, and that you can see the tiny light in the tunnel.

Good luck and ENJOY they repetitions (they burn so quickly) :wink:

Down to 1160. Problem is it takes > 1 minute per review on average (I nearly always get them wrong the first time, and have to read up the description & memnonics again, take some time to try to memorize). So I get like 30-40 reviews a day in (I usually spend 30-45 min a day on wanikani). It feels currently like I’m basically re-learning from scratch in a very unstructured way, as the apprentice pile steadily increases. I’ll expect I’ll have ~1k in the apprentice pile once I’m “done”, but I’ll try chugging at this for a bit longer and see how it goes.

Yes, you will have to do more than ‘X’ reviews in a day, whatever your ‘X’ target is for getting your review count down.

Pick whatever number works best. Getting the total review count down by 125 a day, or 75 a day, or whatever it is. Doesn’t matter what the number is as much as just having some quantifiable target to hit every day and stay on schedule.

Dropped under 900 today by doing nearly 200! ~250 in apprentice, so +70 tomorrow O.O; interestingly enough, it usually takes me a lot longer to remember sound than meaning, but now (long term) it feels like I remember sound better than meaning.

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