How to do the reading exercises

Hi guys! New here. Just got to my first reading lesson. I can’t progress through the quiz because my keyboard does a mix of Japanese and English, like typing ‘eight’ comes out えいght. Can’t seem to find a setting to fix this. Does anyone know what I’m missing? thanks!

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First of all: Welcome to the community! :smiley:
If I interpret your problem correctly you are typing the English meaning in the reading part of the kanji.
A lesson/review always has two parts: one reading and one meaning part.

In the meaning part you type in “eight” concerning your example and in the reading part you type in “hachi” which will be automatically transcripted into “はち”. Of course you will get “えいght” when you type it in the reading part. “ght” contains no syllables so it cannot be converted into any hiragana. I would recommend to use just the normal keyboard of your smartphone/PC.

I hope that fixes it.


Thank you for the welcome and the help! I understand, that makes sense! So in the reading now I am working on the meanings with the Japanese word instead of the English. Thank you!

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Before I forget it.^^
As you are new here you should read some of this since it is helpful.

-The official FAQ
-The unofficial FAQ
-The ultimate Guide for WK

First and second link clear things up and the third helps you getting better over the long term.


Awesome, thanks!

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