How to distinguish 都会 and 都合

Hi! I tried searching, but haven’t found anything yet and I’m really struggling with the difference between these two words. They are とかい-City and つごう at your convenience. Is there any way to tell the difference between them?

Thanks for the help! It’s probably something very simple that I’m missing…

I mean, you see that they’re not the same kanji, right? It’s not that simple of a thing, I’m guessing.


都 usually means city but (it looks like) it can also mean all,
so you could think of 都合 as meaning “if everything suits you”

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Yes, kanjipedia gives すべて and ことごとく as meanings for 都.

Well, you just should pay attention to the 2nd kanji. Are you mixing 会 and 合?

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If it is the 会 vs the 合 you struggle with, the mnemonic I used to keep them separate was:

Everyday, there are a lot of meetings (会) in the city (都会)
We can get together whenever it suits (合) you (都合)

Dunno if that helps.


I’m sure you do, but you know what a leech is, right?

ごう is a pretty common reading for 合, so knowing the “to go” mnemonic should help you as time goes on. Maybe learn some other words that use this reading and then it will help? 合計、合格、合意、合同、合理化

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When I was learning these, they both became “meet” in my mind. I think WK’s explanation made it really easy to set up a mental alias.

I’m still working to separate them and the two words in question are two of the only leeches I can’t seem to shake.

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Consider that 会う has more like a “physical encounter” meaning, while 合う as an “abstract encounter”.
So 都会 is something “physical”, while 都合 is an abstract concept.


It was totally that… I was so focused thinking there was a difference in 都 that I missed the difference in the other kanji haha. Thanks a ton, that was really frustrating me

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Just compare 出会う and 似合う, rather than simply 会 and 合.

You are gonna eat what suits your mouth, right?

And, what do you what to meet most? Boobs?

Like really sucks when you mistake 2合 for 2会

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