How often should I be Doing Lessons?

Hi, I’m only level 4, but I’ve been reading how much of a pain it can be if I do all my lessons at once. I just wanted a concrete answer. Should i be slowing down my lessons now, or is too early for me to think about stuff like that.

There isn’t one answer for everyone. You should do as many as you can handle and not more.


Agreed. Do your reviews when you feel most comfortable for best results

I had exactly the same issue as you a couple of months ago. It all depends on how flexible your time is, and how well your memory holds up. If you rush through things for sake of blasting through levels rather than actually learning, you’re going too fast.

In my case, I do all the radical lessons in one go, first half of that level’s kanji the next day, second half the next day, and then try to get as much vocab as I can after that, since it’s usually kind of obvious anyway. I always do reviews once in the morning and then in the afternoon. My shortest is one level in 12 days, but sometimes I’ve taken an entire month to pass a level.

There’s really no correct pacing! You do you.

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Whatever you do, if you have a life, you’ll be overwhelmed at some point.
Week-end in the family? You’re two days out.
Holidays in the woods with no reception? You’re out for a week.
And when you come back in, you have a few hundred reviews waiting for you.
My advice, don’t be scared by the numbers.
Don’t hesitate to press the back arrow or the house icon. You don’t have to do all your reviews in one time.
You do what you can, when you can. You’re here for the long run anyway.
Good luck!

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