How many reviews a day for 1k review pile?

After some unfortunate timing of events as well as a lack of motivation on my part, I have a review pile of around 1k and almost 700 apprentice items. Should i just grind them out really hard and try and get it down to zero in one day or is it recommended to take it a little slower and only go about 200-250 a day?

I was in a similar situation to yours just a month ago. Had about 800 reviews as a result of some life circumstances that prevented me from doing WaniKani, and not putting on Vacation Mode at an earlier time.

I second what @alpha-WK said. And in addition to that, in case you don’t have it already, I recommend installing the Review Queue Sizer:

Wanikani: Review Queue Sizer

Lets you choose the size of your review session

It helped me tremendiously with motivation. It would be incredibly demotivating to see a batch size of around 800 itmes. It wouldn’t really go down and at some point during the review I lost count of how many items I did and just gave up. With this script I could just set the batch size according to my mood, yk, how many itmes I thought I could do during a specific time of day. Sometimes it would be 50, sometimes more, sometimes only 20. You just see your progress and it gets easier navigating this huge number.

That being said, don’t be discouraged if you get a lot of mistakes in the beginning. It will get better eventually and thenl you will be glad that you put the time and effort into it. Good reinforcement as well!

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I’ve done it both ways. (Wrote a thing about it the all-at-once way here)

These days, I like to just do it in batches of 100 (which is manageable when I have some spare time), but as many times a day as I feel like. 100-300 a day knocks the total down faster than it seems. I mean, think about it, after 10 days that’s more than a thousand.

The main benefit is it sets you up for getting back into the flow smoothly. With the big-batch method, that results in big waves of RE-reviews that continue to come at you for a long time after.

It really depends on how bad you’re going to do on those reviews. Doing 100 reviews takes a really painfully long time if you’re at about 0% accuracy, but it’s not bad at all with 80-90%.

edit: I have to say this because it seems obvious but it’s totally not as easy as it seems - don’t do ANY lessons until you’re out of trouble with reviews. You will want to. It’s reaaaallly tempting. But don’t until apprentice AND guru counts are back to normal.


I would go for a set time, of maybe 10 minutes or 30 minutes too, not only review counts per session/day. Press Wrap-Up when 10-min is reached. This really matters much on a tiring day.

Ordering may help too, because accuracy might increase if started from lower Levels or higher SRS’s. Ordering by Level ascendingly is now native in Settings. Other orderings may need a script.

Keep at it and let mistakes happen is helpful to some extent. Nonetheless, consider decreasing batch count or set time, accordingly.

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Just go slow, at level 55 you’re getting such low diminishing returns that you’re better off just consuming native media than trying to grind out a few more obscure kanji

I’ve also been here o/ I did about 800 at once when I returned, and the following days were almost just as bad. Could you maintain 700+ a day for the next week?

Depending on how spread your apprentices level are, I would reset a few level only to ease the load on myself. That works only if the majority of items are from recent level though. If they’re spread on more than 5 or 10 level bellow your current level, I wouldn’t bother reseting.