A nasty pile of reviews

I’m coming to realise that the state of my wanikani pile is correlated with my general health and productivity.
If I’m doing well, I clear my stack, get through my lessons, reaching 0 lessons and 0 reviews.
But recently life’s been throwing me some curveballs and I’ve been procrastinating, eating poorly, generally dropping the ball. It’s also the first time my review stack reached almost 200, and it’s taken me a couple of days to get back to 0 again.
It feels nice to be back to 0 - it’s like my head is clearer. I can keep doing the 10-20. Reviews popping up every hour or so, and it gives me the inspiration to deal with the important stuff in my life that I’ve been putting off.
There’s definitely a reciprocating relationship between wanikani and my wider life, and I’m learning that age-old lesson that you get out what you put in.
So if you’ve got a backlog, get through your reviews. Do it little by little and get to where you can keep it all at bay. I promise it helps the anxiety.


I don’t know at what speed you get through, just a helpful advice:
If 200 reviews is a lot for you, go slow! Very slow. It’s not a sprint anyway. :slight_smile: By doing 20-25 lessons a day by the time you start to burn things you should get around 150-200 reviews a day, it piles up a lot.

I hope you feel well at the moment and have fun on your journey, thats the most important thing. :slight_smile:


I think it also depends on what kind of learner are you. For me it is usually around 200 reviews a day that I split into 2x100 batches, one in the morning or after lunch and one in the evening. I enjoy doing larger batches that challenge me to be over 90% instead of 4-5x small ones. Also I can fit this approach more into my workdays and turn it into a habit (like washing my teeth).

You don’t have to do all your reviews every day. If you’re getting overwhelmed, just set a goal like 100 reviews a day and do that many.

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Thank you everyone for the kind messages, though I wonder if my message didn’t scan properly.
My problem over the last week was not that I was doing too many reviews, it was that I stopped doing my reviews. The resulting several hundred reviews was where I experienced the quagmire.
I’m back now to doing 15-20 reviews every few hours, getting back to 0 at every opportunity.
Today, I managed to get through all of my reviews as well as catch up on learning all of my level 8 vocabulary. Now I can start at level 9 afresh. Although it’s the slower way, it feels satisfying to take this approach. Let’s see what future levels bring, but for now I’m happy and back on track.


I’d pick a pace and stick to it. 10 a day will give you plenty of reviews. If you do them once a day you will find that you will always have your reviews pop up at the same time.

I do them once in the morning to clear everything out takes 30 minutes and then I do the second review for the new lessons from today some time in the evening.

People underestimate how much extra pressure master/enlightenment reviews add because they aren’t on the top of you memory anymore and it takes a lot longer to sit and let them come back up to the surface.