How many people actively use WaniKani?

How many people use WaniKani regularly? Does anyone have any idea?

Check out this thread for some stats: New Combined User Statistics!


I think it depends on the person and how they decide to learn. I use it 1-3 times a day (depending on reviews) but only through a 3rd party app to try to help my recognition for the vocabulary kanji. I don’t specifically use it for studying though. I use textbooks and reading to learn kanji then wanikani to review that learning.


Well, there are 112000 forum accounts. This number can barely be seen as a ballpark estimate of the number of users though, because

  1. Not all users who use WaniKani have a forum account
  2. Not all users with a forum account are active / use WaniKani regularly

But I think with these two effects working against each other it is reasonable to assume that there are tens of thousands of WaniKani users active and definitely more than 10000.

Edit: And the number of users with a recurring subscription alone is greater than 20000 and it seems to me that at least most of them would have cancelled it if they weren’t using WaniKani regularly anymore.


In the recurring subscription are you including or excluding “life time”? Does this stat come from the link above? Thanks for any help.


What I meant by recurring subscription are only the ones you pay monthly or yearly, not life time.

The data is the one I collected by scraping the forum a while back, and yes I posted that data along with some stats regarding it in the post that is linked above.

If you want to know, the data I collected says there are 52817 free accounts, 26875 recurring subscription accounts, 29776 life time subscription accounts, and 109468 total accounts on the WaniKani forums (as of 24/09/2022, so the data is a bit older now).

Hope that helps :smiling_face:


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