Any Upcoming Promotion for Lifetime Subscription?


Anyone knows if there’s any upcoming promotion for the lifetime subscription?

Thanks in advance!

There will be to your email address when it happens. :slight_smile:

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This excerpt is from a mail from last thursday :

Oh, and a quick heads-up — WaniKani’s Holiday Sale is coming up in a couple weeks!

In case you’re not familiar with WaniKani, it’s a kanji and Japanese vocabulary learning program that we built. Actually, this year was a special year for us as it’s been 10 years since we released WaniKani. Over the years, WaniKani users have been proving that kanji doesn’t have to be this big hairy goal for Japanese learners. Some users even completed the program in just over a year and learned over 2,000 kanji and 6,000 vocabulary items. There are seriously no words to describe how proud we are of our users.

If you’re interested, now’s the perfect time to start WaniKani. You’ll get to try the first three levels (which are available for free) to see if WaniKani works for you before the Lifetime account goes on sale. During the trial levels, you get to learn over 80 kanji and 180 words in about 2-3 weeks. So whether you decide to buy a Lifetime account or not, it can be a fun Japanese study challenge to keep you busy for the rest of the year.

This may be the last time you hear from us this year, so let me wish you another great new year of Japanese learning — 良いお年を!

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Great! Looking forward!

Thank you!

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