Average number of lessons you do each day?

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I always make sure to do a minimum of 15 lessons per day, on top of all of my reviews. My normal is 20, and my really good days are 25. Can’t really do more than 25 without getting overloaded though.

I don’t have new lessons anymore, but based on the time it took me to get to level 60 and the number of lessons on the site, I averaged between 20-25 per day and that was close to the max speed. It’s not really possible to average significantly more than that.

And just a note, it really is possible to spread your lessons out over each day and still go at that max speed. It’s not necessary to do all lessons as soon as they appear, as long as you are using a reorder script to get the time-critical ones to the front of the queue.

Before I learned to use reorder script, I used to do around 15 new lessons per sitting. It was around 2 weeks per level.

Time critical items are Radicals followed by Kanji (for most levels). You have to do all Radicals and Kanji (but not vocabularies) once the lessons appear.

The most popular reorder script is probably this one – Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]

It is even more convenient than that, as I have learned here. When a new level starts you only have to finish the radicals. After the first half of the level (radicals at guru) you must start the lessons for all kanji at the latest, but the “first half” of the kanji can be spread out until then. This also means that the first session after 4 hours can be a very quick one.

Yeah, the only time sensitive kanji are the ones unlocked by the radicals.

Im at 40 right now because I just did my last level in 3 days 15 hours which means that what would usually be done in the next half of the level is getting pushed on me at the same time as my current level. Overall though, 20 lets me go at max speed with reorder.

At the moment, I usually do all of my lessons when they come and I can manage. I think I started WK already knowing a lot of kanji and vocabulary though, so I think this only works for me because I’m often familiar with a lot of it or have seen it before so they’re not really “new” words for me. I’m not sure how I’ll change my pace when I run into mostly 100% lessons with words I don’t know though

It says I only do an average of 10-11 radicals/kanji/vocab per day. I finish my reviews everyday. I write down the Japanese, synonyms, and mnemonics for every lesson except radicals, so that probably explains my low amount of lessons/day. I do get 99% accuracy in reviews though so I like how I’m actually learning at my own pace instead of rushing. It’s been 6 months since I started WK.

Nice, we’re about on the same pace. I think I’ve been on WaniKani for 5 months, and we’re both level 13, so it’s not like it makes a huge difference.

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20 lessons of vocab/day is a number I can tolerate very well. On days with radicals/Kanji (whenever I lvl up), I might end up doing 30+ new lessons.

Sometimes I’m able to do 25 lessons of vocab in one go without dropping my learning efficiency, but it’s simply not necessary (unless I know I’ll be busy the following day).

What’s important is to understand this:

  • If you level up every 10 days on WK, you’ll be learning 3,4 Kanji every single day
  • If you level up every 10 days on WK, you’ll be learning 10,5 vocab every single day

Crazy numbers, only achieved by consistency. Progress is not about doing harder things, it’s about making things more simple.

All radical and kanji lessons when available. All available vocabulary about 12-24 hours later.

I don’t like having more than 100-125 apprentice items at a time in orther to now overload reviews. Since I can only do reviews 2 times a day, I really don’t enjoy coming to WK and finding 250 reviews to be done.

So the current number of apprentice items dictates how many lessons I do a day. Sometimes it’s 5, sometimes its 20 :slight_smile:

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