How many "KANJI" can you review per minute?

I’m starting to review on a 10 seconds average, but my accuracy fell apart from 85% to 60% when I did it the last time.

I feel that if I get used to it, my accuracy will improve

That’s so relatable :sweat_smile:

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where I can I find this script?

It’s here!

If your accuracy falls that drastically, you risk becoming demotivated.

Accuracy is usually more a function of how many items you have in early Apprentice stages (how frequently you do lessons) rather than how quickly you answer during a review.

I’d say don’t worry about how long it takes you to answer each individual question. Rather, just try to balance your workload so you:

  1. Maintain a comfortable number of items in early Apprentice stages
  2. Are comfortably able to get your daily review queue down to zero every day
  3. Can accomplish 2 in one or two sessions of however much time you have to devote each day.
  4. Can answer correctly about 80% or more of the time during your sessions

My comfort zone is about 100 Apprentice items, around 150 reviews/day, 1 hour daily review sessions, and about 85% to 92% accuracy (as reported next to the thumbs-up icon on each individual review page).

I don’t know about kanji review but in average i can estimate around 200/250 review per hour and 95+% accurcary (level 13).
That is some of my stats if it can help you to compare with mine.

How much time do you spend on your lessons, and do you hit close to the 4 hour and 8 hour review intervals after doing your lessons? I’ve found that those first two review sessions are critical for my accuracy, as well as drilling new lesson items immediately after learning them with the self-study quiz script. It might be that you’re just not learning the information very well initially, which is causing you to struggle more with remembering it later.

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for 200 reviews- around 30 min with an average 95% accuracy, this time includes checking context sentences of failed ones with yomichan.

But if I do literally the same on ipad- it can go beyond an hour and a half.

For some reason the process of reviewing outside of my PC is attrociosuly slow for me.

So far the radicals only take me a second to answer. The kanji meanings are usually pretty fast and easy too, but I have to think a bit more to remember some of the readings. Even for the easy ones though I still take a few seconds to make sure I don’t accidentally get a kanji/vocab mixed up with another.

It mostly depends on whether the current set of kanji/vocab is easy for me or not. Sometimes my accuracy is almost 100% and other times it’s like 60% if I’m tired and am forgetting everything.

I can usually do about 250 reviews in 30-45 minutes. I think the key to WaniKani is to answer within 5 seconds. If you can’t do that, just type “idk” or something and read the mnemonic/reading again. The next time you do reviews, you should be able to get it right. There are some more abstract ones that take longer for me to get right. Another thing that might help is to open up the level page you are on and just quickly glance over the radicals, kanji, and their reading right before you do your reviews.


I use the mobile app, so typing is slower. According to the heatmap, an average of 5.5 reviews per minute, not sure why you need that as it doesn’t mean anything. The most important thing is accuracy. Take your time to answer. Some might need more time than others as the complexity are not the same.

Forcing to answer faster would drop accuracy, delaying your level up and even reinforce the wrong answer, resulting in more leeches.

I think the key to WaniKani is to answer start typing your answer within 5 seconds. Some of those vocabulary items are real typing tests!

I remember when I first started wanikani, I was able to blast through the reviews like nothing. But I think from level 20 on or so I am lucky to even do 100 reviews in an hour. My trek through late 40s and 50s was easily 3 hours every night of reviews. Also to you people saying you can do hundreds of reviews in an hour I’d like to know your secret.

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You defeated its purpose by making a different post for every quote

I use the Google extension Lipsurf so I can say the word without having to type. It has saved me a lot of time and wrist pain when doing my reviews.

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This for sure. Part of the reason I’m learning Japanese is because I live in Japan. I tend to drive a lot of places and especially in these times, I like to visit less famous and off the tourist map places. Because they’re so out of the way, the signs that say how to get to these places often don’t include any English. I can’t just stop in the middle of the road, so that means I need to read and understand fast. It’s the difference between a pleasant drive and sightseeing and getting stuck on a kei-car wide road with a chance of possibly or not ever reaching my intended destination.

Probably a bit of an extreme example, but it helps lead to a lot less stress and a much more pleasant time when reading to be able to understand quickly.

In my case it’s opposite. I want to finish the review session so I can relax and review the missed items.

Haha agreed. A lot of self learning is trying out approaches to see what works for you.

ADD is one hell of a drug. I spend like 10 seconds max on each review. Which means that I get 80% accuracy only. Feelsbadman.

About 500+ per hour so… about 9 per minute?

I recently regressed my level from 44 to 2, so I already know most of the kanji already which makes my speed a little faster. When I was doing the 40+ levels, it was probably closer to 400 per hour, so maybe about 7 per minute.

Tbh I think it boils down to typing speed a lot of the time. If you’re a slow typer there’s not much you can do unfortunately. I’m also at the point where my brain makes the connections with the colors so that helps with speed as well. Speed will come with time, but even if you go at a slower pace, I really wouldn’t worry about it.

After two days, I’d like to thank each one of you guys!!
Now I’m managing to do my reviews a lot faster!

I did 69 reviews in 18 minutes now.

That’s almost 4 kanji per minute!

I feel that if I carry on, I will do even faster.


That’s a good idea, could you give me a link or something like this?