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I decided I will be doing 15 lessons per day from now on. At the last level, I tried doing 20 but I felt the pressure a little so I returned to this number and I think is not bad to slow down a little bit to give room for other learning areas. The question is…which combination should I use in my lesson session?

  • 9 Vocab and 6 Kanji
  • 10 Vocab and 5 Kanji
  • Other combination

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If you have a reason for your choice, please share in the comments!


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You want about a 3:1 ratio of vocab to kanji since the site has about three times as many vocab as kanji in total. Personally I did 9 vocab and 3 kanji (changed my batch size to 4 in the settings), and this worked well for me. If that’s too low, then I’d recommend 12 vocab and 4 kanji. If you really don’t want to change your batch size from 5, 11 vocab and 4 kanji would probably be fine.


I would pick whichever you prefer and then just sort of play it by ear and adjust as needed each level. There’s roughly one kanji to every three vocab words in WK (2063 kanji, and 6414 vocab), but you have to spend the last few days of a level just doing vocab anyway while you wait for the last set of kanji to reach guru, so front loading the kanji a little tends to ensure that you still have lessons to work through during that period.

If you’re really good at nailing the kanji reviews without making mistakes, you’ll spend fewer days without new kanji lessons at the end of a level, which means you’ll burn through fewer vocab lessons then.

The main thing I look for, at least, is making sure that I have enough vocab lessons in my queue so that I always have something to do every day, but I also make sure I don’t let that number start accumulating too much. Make sure your kanji lessons aren’t outpacing the speed you can complete the vocab, basically. But each level has a different number of kanji and vocab, so some of them you might have to go heavier on the kanji if you want to have enough lessons to be able to do them daily at the end of the level.

I use to keep an eye on the numbers as I go.

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I’m with @seanblue. I’m not really a fan of bunching a large percentage of the last level’s vocabulary at the beginning of the new level as the WK default does. I take it one step further however and will do all vocab before any kanji. If I have less than 10 vocab I might throw in a kanji or two to pace the unlocks. This works much better for me, but I’m constantly fiddling with the lesson filter.

I use Flaming Durtles to check my Vocabulary progress.

I noticed that I start the Vocabulary of the level every time I pass. I don’t think this is a problem because it assures I will never run out of lessons. But yeah, if this starts lagging too much and I can’t finish the previous level vocabulary at the end of the current level that means I have to slow down in Kanji and increase Vocab lessons per session.

10-5 seems to be already a bit too much

I do batches of 1 kanji and 4 vocab or 2 kanji and 3 vocab (5 lessons, either way) depending on how many lessons I have in the queue. If there’s not many lessons in the queue, I do more kanji to unlock more lessons. If there’s a lot, I do mostly vocab, but throw in the 1 kanji in each batch to keep making some progress forward.

I lose motivation just doing vocabulary. Batching like this, I only ever do all vocab lesson batches in the last few days of each level when I don’t have any kanji lessons left.

Is that a manual process (ie. do some lessons, go to settings, do more lessons, go to settings), or is there a userscript that you only tell “I want x vocab and y kanji”?


In my opinion, a 9/6 vs 10/5 shouldn’t be that big of a difference? At the end of the day, they’re just lessons… I’d say go for whatever you feel the best with!
Personally, I don’t see the need to be that fixated on setting an exact number of lessons to do. I’ve been doing them when I feel like I could have some more, and leaving them waiting when I don’t. :sweat_smile: So far I’ve never even counted the number of new items I learned in each session. If you want to do 15 a day, go for it! :muscle: I guess the “magic combination” of 1:3 ratio of kanji to vocabulary might work well if you’d like to set an exact amount.

Both of these amounts are bad and will result in a stockpile of vocab lessons that never get completed. Hence the 1:3 ratio suggestion.


Yep! That is true in the scenario of doing the same # of lessons daily. I’d say it also depends on how you manage eventual leeches, but I guess the bulk of them naturally come from the vocabulary items anyway. Definitely 1:3 for comfortable steady progress.

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As seanblue created the lesson filter script, I would go with their advice, though the ratio does fluctuate a bit through the levels.

I went a bit nerdy and made a spreadsheet to get the ratios of radicals/kanji/vocab for each level and for each section of 10 levels and have tweaked how many of each I do as I have progressed (with so few radicals in the upper levels, I can now do 1/day and still get them all done in the first week of each level).

My current batch is 13 with a breakdown of 1R:3K:9V, and I can get through a level in 13-15 days depending on actual number of kanji. I do have a lag on vocab, but I like that I’m getting a ‘refresher’ on the kanji after the kanji themselves have guru’ed.

png of spreadsheet:

P.S. I have not updated this to incorporate the recently added items, so numbers will be slightly off, but not by much.


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