How many items are there in wanikani?

I’m about to hit 2k items total soon and I want to know how many total items there are so I can work out an exact percentage at any given time LOL…

Idk why I do this but every time I do something difficult it helps for me to think about the numbers associated with how much I have left to go.

Like while I’m running I’ll be looking down at the treadmill and thinking “Ok I have 7/12ths of my run left to do.”

I’m sure this is already a topic somewhere but I’m terrible at using forums! Thanks for the help!

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I believe there are 8879 items in total.
481 radicals, 2048 kanji, and 6350 vocab.


This script might interest you ^^


I’m scriptless! Most of my WKing is done at work where I do not have access to scripts!

If you just want to do something with a script occasionally, you can paste it in the javascript console each time you use it. Blockers don’t prevent that.


the only script I would want to use is the one that lets you ignore an error. So frustrating when you literally typo.

It’s honestly not the biggest deal though, I just consider it more practice with the kanji at the expense of a slightly increased workload!

I’m sure there’s other scripts that would be beneficial but I’m enjoying the base WK experience. SRS is great.

Happy to report that I’m 19.5% through lol.


This is your public profile on Wanikani:

and it shows kanji/vocab progression.

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Ohhhhh first time seeing that.

I’m almost 40% ! (inhales…feels good about progress, ignores all the effort an stress so far)

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