How many kanji do I know?

Yeah, sure it’s a vanity metric. But seems like people often ask “how many kanji do you know so far?” when you mention you’re actively studying.

Is there an easy way to get a number for all your practiced kanji so far w/o manually adding up the levels?



Get your API key ready


Sweet! thanks :slight_smile:

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Shameless self-promotion:

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Yes, this is also one nifty userscript.

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That is nice. Good call on the mouse-over for Guru+

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It’s also on the dashboard… You know those Apprentice Items, Guru, Master, Enlightened and Burned numbers? If you mouse over them, there’s a breakdown of how many are radicals, kanji, and vocab.
You can add your Burned and Enlightened together and say you know those…

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