How long to get gurus down?

Due to work and life engagements, my guru number crept up to the 700s and I want to get it back down to 500 or lower.
This is what I’m working with:

My plan is to limit myself to a max of 5 lessons a day and no lessons on weekends, while doing reviews, work permitting, once or twice a day.

How long do you think it takes to drop 200 gurus?
Is there any plugin or site I can look at to figure this out?


I don’t know, but

My hope is SRS reorder button. It also shows the Number of Gurus in Queue.

If something is in guru, it will either appear in 1 week or 2 weeks. So, it would take 3 weeks at 100% accuracy to eliminate all gurus.

This assumes none of the other levels become guru of course.

Even if you stopped doing lessons, all your apprentice items would be guru within a few days. So it will hold steady for several days at least before it starts to fall.

Wow, you have more than double my guru amount.
How is you workload? How many reviews do you get a day? Do you do all of them?

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Ah, this is actually very reminiscent of what I had after I came back from (1 month long) vacation mode and made a lot of mistakes with my master/enlightened items. We have different situations though in that you don’t have a lifetime subscription so you might not be inclined to slow down as much… but I didn’t bother leveling up (doing lessons) for another 2 months, just working on my reviews until they looked manageable again. I’m back on track, now.


I want fancy chart too!

Is there a way to retroactively have fancy chart or must one simply enter fancy numbers into spreadsheet for months and months before one can have fancy chart like @Glias has?


Hahaha. My fancy chart automatically populates every morning; someone made it and shared it with everyone. But yeah it doesn’t collect data retroactively. :c

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Where does one get a fancy chart?

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You’re right, my monthly payments make me not want to stop doing lessons, even though I know it’s probably a good idea.

How many gurus did you have when you started doing lessons again?

Microsoft Excel? Google Docs?

I had two goals, really. <500 Guru and >500 Master. I think the counts where Master > Guru > Apprentice is pretty healthy.

Edit: Now that my Master > Guru, I don’t really mind my Guru going back up again just so long as Master stays more than Guru. My master count stayed around 700 before. My Guru cut-off might be around 600-650.

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The only two numbers I’m concerned about are apprentice and burned.

Apprentice = workload. More than 150 apprentice means hundreds of reviews every day. No bueno.

Burned = the opposite of workload. The more items I burn, the more items I will never review again. Plus bragging rights.

Guru, master, enlightened numbers? Nice info, but nothing more.

The real reason is,

I always drill pre-level in Anki, and 4-day levels make quite a workload.

Although I managed to keep Apprentice pile low, and Lesson pile low; I never really finish my reviews. I keep my review pile at around 600, sometimes down to 300, but never go beyond 1,000.

I find Guru and Master to be representative of Leeches.

If I am not lazy, I believe, it should be like, Guru < Master < Enlightened.

How do I update it with my API?

Hmm, should just be able to follow with the instructions, unless you don’t know where your API number is. You can find it in your Settings>Account on the main website.

Delete all of his data (but not charts). Then go to tool-> script editor and paste in the script code from the link. There will be a place there to put in your API

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