How long to finish last 30 levels of WK?

Just a general question, but how long would it take to finish the last 30 levels of wanikani going as fast as possible? Since I heard a bulk of those are less than 7 day levels?


To get from level 31 to 60 with 7 days per normal level and 3.5 days per fast level, that would be 22 weeks (so like 5 months?).

Although, that’s not actually the “fastest” since you can level up in 6 days 20 hours by catching every important interval exactly on time. But you would have to completely ruin your sleeping schedule to do this, and all that extra effort would get you is completing Wanikani 3.5 days earlier.


thank you for the information!

For me it took more like a year


The first 30 levels are probably more important to rush than the second half.


Why is it “important” to rush the first 30 levels ?

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I said it was more important. The reason being that it’s so common kanji, that it helps with immersion where the real learning is. The kanji past lvl 45 is fairly uncommon.


Ah right, yeah of course. I have seen many people really not go as fast once they reached around level 40.


You got right answer from Spaceboy6, but ill also add a bit of unsolicited caution.
Even though there are few so called “fast levels”, it doesnt mean theres less stuff to learn in them, you are just not limited by radical completion so technically complete it in half the normal time.

Im one of those that slowed down after 30 (although be it not by much) and im really glad i did - not only are things getting more abstract - thus harder to remember, they are also getting rarer and rarer, meaning the benefit you are getting is not that big.

Well anyways you still have plenty of time till you reach 40s (where first fast levels appear), so youll see how you are managing before deciding, I bet youll have much more leeches than you do now, so you can decide then if (almost) double the reviews is something you can manage.

Edit: i do recommend reading the current speedrunning record holders celebration post to get better idea WaniKani World Record! Level 60 in 344 Days!


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