How long does it take you to finish a level?

I’m curious about this. How many days does it take you to finish a level on average? So far it’s been taking me around a week but I wanna know what the most common paces are.

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11 days per level doing about 10-15 lessons per day.

if you add your API key to that site, it’ll give you information about all your level ups


In the beginning it took me around a week. Then the workload became to much. Now it takes 10 days with 15 lessons a day (although higher levels have in average less lessons)

I would recommend you to start slow and steady. Don’t do your lessons all at once.
Use also other sources.
If you only WK for one year your kanji-powerness will leave your other abilities (acutal reading, speaking, listening) behind. Too behind. Unless you are intermediate level already. In that case the perspective changes.


I’m going pretty much as fast as possible at one level/week, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain that pace once I start burning cards (which should be in a month and a half, around level 26). The workload is already fairly intense with over 200 reviews/day on top of my external studies with Anki and Bunpro.

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This one is pretty neat too: WK History


last 2 levels I took 20 days

but after I got to hell and before entering reality, it was 30-35 days.


I’ve only just begun, but my average time is 9 days 6 hours.

About halfway through level 6

Week about. I’m just hitting the fast levels so hopefully thats gonna get cut in half

When I first started, it was about 7 days on average, but now it’s trending much closer to 8 days. I’ve started falling into a routine of doing a big session in the morning and the evening instead of doing the reviews every single time they’re available. I still do extras throughout the day if I notice I’m going to have a decent chunk coming in. I can tell it’s hurting my retention a little bit. I don’t necessarily want to slow down, but I hope I’m not overwhelming my brain.

I will say that when I have lessons, I just do them all, although I have to take breaks for work and stuff.

It depends on the person and their circumstance, some people are busy and take longer, everyone learns at their own pace and that’s usually the best. Circumstances also change so some people change their speed frequently.

A week per level is generally on the fast side, I think most people don’t go at that pace. If you can handle it then that is completely fine, just keep in mind as you increase in level, the workload will start increasing too. Just be careful to not burn yourself out.

As for me, I was very inconsistent on my pace and took long on some levels. But after a while I pulled myself together and from level 25 onwards I went max speed all the way to level 60.


Currently about a month to six weeks.

— Dave


In the first levels: about 8-12 days.
Then later about 12-20 days.
Then later about 20-30 days.

Now, I’m averaging about 33 days, but I’m always surprised when I start doing a level because I keep telling myself to slow down and just review or work on Vocabulary (and not learn new kanji).

Learning the kanji takes about 11-15 days because I like to guru those so I can get on to the vocabulary… and I prefer to learn about 2-4 new kanji each day I am working on the higher levels… but the vocabulary items take a long time because there are so many of them…

My pace per day: between 0 and 9 new items per day, usually hovering between 3 and 6 (but often none).

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I’ve been keeping an average of 12 days until last month, when I received some bad news about my dog’s health and everything became a bit chaotic around here. So now I’m stuck on level 42 for 25 days and counting, but at least I think I’m back to my usual pace. =)

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what you are doing is perfectly fine, and it is in fact what most high-level users do.

Truth to be told… It would be better to have 3 session instead of 2. And the reason is that 4 hours interval between the lesson and the first review. Delaying it looks fine but it is actually terrible for our brain, maybe you don’t realize but the mnemonics are just going puff.

If you want to keep going with the 8 days schedule (or 9 or 10! I even recommend it), around lunch time, you should try to open your “lesson recap” page, and take a couple of minutes to mentally review the lessons you took in the morning.
I assure your retention is going to skyrocket again :smiley:

edit: i read now you do you lessons all at once. Consider to use some reorder script to spread the lessons on different days! Be careful: using scripts to reorder is different from speeding up. Some users do it for that purspose. But for example my last month’s lesson heatmap looks like this:

Depends. I started fast and now I am on lvl 7 for 8 weeks. Nothing bad with that. I don’t study with WK only and I have a busy life besides learning Japanese. No hurry and no pressure but fun and steady progress.


I think I am slow, takes me about a month. My days are pretty busy, but as long as I am able to chip away even if it is a little each day, that’s good enough for me! We will get there!!

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According to WKStats:
Average: 16 days, 8 hours, 35 minutes
Median: 17 days, 12 hours, 36 minutes

The recent levels have been 18-22 days.

I have been taking longer the last 2 levels; I’m trying to keep a pace of 10 new lessons per day, so about… 2-3 weeks per level? Previously I was trying to keep it to ~10 days/level, but especially all the new vocabulary takes a long time to learn, and I realised I was also getting a bit burned out from having so many reviews to do when I woke up. My schedule is quite busy, so I also came to the realization that if I want to include other methods to learn japanese (including actually reviewing grammar, listening practice and joining the book clubs) I would have to tone it down with WK

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I used to go as fast as possible but after quitting, resetting, and starting over a few times, I decided to take it slow. It takes me about 3 weeks so level up, and I NEVER have more than 125 apprentice level items.
I use reorder omega, and usually I’d do 3 kanji items in my lessons and 3-18 vocab items, depending on how awake I am and how easy I find the vocabulary. Very rarely I do more than 3 kanji in one study session, if I feel like they are easy to remember or if I know them already (I am now on level 25, which is the highest I reached before resetting previously, so these days I don’t know nearly as many kanji as I recognized in the previous lessons).

So far still following through with max speed 1 level per week. I’ll try to hang on to it as long as I find the whole process manageable.
Currently sitting at around 200-250 reviews per day.