How long does it take to reach certain levels?

That’s my middle name. The abbreviated version, anyway.

You may also be interested in one or two of the scripts I wrote if you continue:

As you noted later:

You should do your reviews every day (multiple times per day if possible). You should try to get the number of available reviews down to zero at least once per day.

You do not need to do lessons every day. Lessons determine how many reviews you’ll have in coming days. If you do 20 lessons, you’ll have 20 more reviews in 4 hours. Answer those correctly and you’ll have the same 20 added again in 8 hours, then 1 day, etc. It’s wise once you get to later levels to space out your lessons and not do too many at once.

I’ve immediate family in Japan so I tend to get plenty of conversation practice. I’ve recently subscribed to Satori reader for more reading practice (it’s excellent, but a paid service I’m afraid). Bunpro is great for practicing grammar (also paid, and I’ve not been using it as much as I should) but the Cure Dolly series on Youtube is also excellent (once you get used to the creepy uncanny valley thing — subtitles and speed settings help).

You’re welcome!