New User, Some Kanji Knowledge, Stuck on Early Kanji Section!

Hi everyone!

Happy to have joined this community on platform. I’m wondering if anyone can help me… I’m about 100 characters in on Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course and am progressing daily, so I want to be able to use WaniKani concurrently with that. However, it seems the system won’t allow me to progress and doesn’t ask if I have any prior knowledge when I start?

Am I missing something? Or am I really going to have to be a month behind on WK vs KKLC?


Yes, you missed reading the FAQ


If you already know 100 kanji it should only take 2 weeks or so to catch up. That’s the pace you can do the first 3 levels in, and that covers about 100 kanji.

I started with knowing more than 500 kanji, so it took about 4 months to catch up.

You’ll survive.


Hmm ok thanks. So did you continue learning outside of WK at your own pace during that catch up, and use WK as a reinforcement? Seems if I do that the gap will always be there.

I didn’t study kanji outside of WK during that time if that’s what you mean. It doesn’t really make sense to me to use two kanji resources at the same time, but eh.

I did continue studying all the other aspects of the language though.

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Ditto on both Leebo’s posts. And in case you are wondering, I reset myself, because I ended up taking a long break from learning.

It’s a pain in the butt, but you should be able to catch up pretty quickly. 100 Kanji goes fairly quick if you do your reviews as soon as you can. I’m still not caught up.

Omg, already knowing 100 kanji does NOT mean you are too far ahead. It will take months before those first 100 kanji are firmly incorporated into your brain, anyway.

If anything, you are in a good place to be in order to start WaniKani, because you already have a good sense of what kanji are, how they are written and composed, and you are familiar with the concept of multiple readings. Think of it as a chance to REALLY master those hundred kanji you already know.

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Leebo, you’re so freaking fast! You were at level 48 a couple of weeks ago, I feel like! おめでとうね!

<Oh snap!>

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