How long do I have to wait?

I’m in a similar situation with already knowing quite a few kanji and vocab words from years of Japanese class, but this is my first go with self study and I’ve been out of the game for a while. While the extent of my frustration thus far more often comes from genuinely mistyping things while going too quickly versus not knowing them, there have been a few nice little surprises in here, too (with the vocab, not as much the kanji…yet).

Think of it as a good long review with the best, most entertaining example sentences and commentary available, is my best advice. I’ve subscribed because a) I am an optimistic gal with a dream and b) there is something about the quirkiness and creativity in the explanations, radical names, mnemonics I just adore, and I think it’s helping me recall the things I already know FASTER, which makes me think I’ll struggle less to retain new kanji once I get to them. I am excited for it to become more challenging too, though. I guess for now I’m enjoying the ride there :slight_smile: I’m in no particular hurry, I’m just happy to be pursuing Japanese again.


Nice to see someone else taking Kanken. I detailed my experience with preparing for, taking, and ultimately passing level 5 here. I’d like to take levels 4 and 3 this year.


I conversed with them via email before and they said the work on a system that tests your foreknowledge and will then allow you to start up higher. However, they also said to not expect it in the near future

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There are some user scripts that help you with that

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Nice. I am aiming for 5 this year. For people who are curious, I am learning to write kanji for two reasons. One is to be able to help my kids with their homework and the other is to reduce my reading mistakes. It might sound counter-intuitive to practice writing to improve reading but I with all the similar kanji out there, I felt the best way to understand them is to know how to write them.

You can use the stats site, but you don’t get any details about the radicals/kanjis/words.

Even if you have a paid account, you only get to see details through the stats site once you unlock an item.
However, in the case of a paid account, you can click on the item and be redirected to the relevant page on WK.

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I will finish the first three levels and then subscribe for 1 year I think :slight_smile:

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@kit5un3 I feel very similar too! You put into words exactly how I feel about starting from the beginning and committing to a long review. I hope you have great success with WK and that the silly mnemonics keep us all motivated to slug through the dark kanji mists and come out the other side fully literate XD


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