How long did WK take you? Poll Question for those who have reached Level 60

I think I may be on the 4-year plan. At first, for about six months, I thought I might be able to do this in two or three years, but now I’m fairly certain that four years would be a reasonable and achievable goal, and it might even be practical.

What was your rate? (Note: I mean, how long did it take to ‘Master’ Level 60 items, not necessarily burn them.)

  • under 400 days
  • about a year and a half
  • approximately 2 years
  • somewhere around 3 years
  • The length of one U.S. presidential term (4 years)
  • 5-6 years
  • How long has WK been a website?

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Feel free to explain your answer…

For those who haven’t yet finished, how long do you expect for this to take?

(Please don’t vote unless you have reached the 50s, but feel free to comment either way)


I’ve almost completed 28 levels in just a bit more than 28 months. I’d say that puts me on a five-year course to at least reach level 60.


I’m just past 2.5 years in, and don’t have far to go. Been doing these past few levels at ~1 week each. That’s with two ~6 months breaks.

So in theory maybe I could have done it in ~1.5 years, but realistically those breaks I took were from burnout. A slower and steadier pace and doing it in ~2 years maybe would have been more realistic.

In any event the end is in sight…


I will finish in about a month and it would be ~1year 7months in total.


i’m most likely gonna finish around late march 2022 and i started in december, so i’ll probably take around a year and a half but not quite


Took me about 2 years the first time, now I’ve reset my level and am helping some newer people get through WK.

My three best students are @ekg @saibaneko and @trunklayer, EKG actually has just hit 60 also, but to be honest it was 90% due to my hardwork, they wouldn’t have made it without me - and quite frankly they still have a long way to go.

@Joeni is also my student but they’re not as good as the other students because they get obessively distracted with gifs, if they could tone down their love of gifs, I’m sure as Rihanna says they would shine like a diamond.



but your POLL does not disallow under 50s…
i like to click so i clicked!

i was planning to do 8 -10 day levels and finish in 1.5 year to 2 years.

at level 30 i started struggling so i’m on 14 day levels now, meaning i’ll be done in another year or less, so just under two years total if i don’t do another reset.

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I started taking this seriously about a year ago, but I’m planning to make it at the 3 year mark. I am a little burnt out, so I went on vacay to take a break. I got myself a tutor meanwhile to start learning to speak Japanese.

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Wait, what? You said this in March, now you’re saying you’d reset? I are confused.


I can say this is objectively accurate. I’m not a good student, haha




Ok, as I’ve posted here by mistake, I’d better fix this by answering the question.
I joined WaniKani on March 2016 and reached level 37, then I stumbled big time, tried to start doing reviews - spent most of 2017 that way, then realized I need a complete reset, which I did. Got to about level 20 when stumbled again and done anothrer reset. Since then I’ve stumbled several more times, but now I was determined not to do a reset - and I’ve managed to climb out of it. I hope to reach level 60 somewhere next year.


I’m not sure what you’re asking really. The items you get on lv 60 takes just a long/short time as any other item WK teach you. :woman_shrugging:

@Lewby I’ll comment more later, you little rascal! :wink: But, I’ve got anime to watch! :wave:


2016 is a long time ago, I’m glad you’re still around on WK!

Answer to Trunks pre-edit post

Maybe being in prison ironically gave them the freedom to not worry about as many things in life, as most things are taken care of for them such as food, and shelter, no burden of having to worry about where you’re going in life because you’re in prison with no means to change your current course.

But leaving prison the burden was back on them, they had to become responsible for themselves again, finding a job, getting food, finding a place to sleep, worrying about money and having to actually think about their future. I can imagine getting out of prison is depressing, you have very few prospects because it’s likely on your record, and it’s going to be hard to find a job initially.

Where do you go? depending on what you did you may have no friends or family to support you anymore :o . Comparitively prison may seem more attractive and so you get yourself in trouble so that you can go back there.


5 or 6 years club rep over here.


Can’t vote yet, but hopefully I’ll reach 60 this year. If I do it in December, it’ll have taken me about 3,5 years!


Well, technically just under 7 years, I think?
But that’s mostly because I joined, found WK too slow and stopped one review away from level 2.
I came back for the winter sale of 2017 due to noticing the email. Then, I finished in just under a year (very close to max speed). :upside_down_face:


i’m aiming for 1 1/2 years, or a bit under. i’m neither consistent nor accurate enough to go for a full speed-run, but i have enough time to go reasonably fast…


I started out like that until life got suuuuper busy around Level 26.


I meant that for poll-voting purposes. But actually, in retrospect, the poll choices I included don’t really affect the answers.

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What kind of Japanese/kanji studying did you do in the meantime?