How long did it take to get to your current level?

Don’t! It is wonderful. I see it on here now and again, and it makes me happy. :turtle::slightly_smiling_face:


So many people here have leveled faster than me! I’m jealous! (and proud!)
I’ve been on WK 11 or 12 months.
Does anyone have any tips for keeping up with reviews when you have obligations? (Example: full time work)



Not counting Level 1 where I made an account and promptly did nothing with it: 287!

And hopefully if I stay on track I’ll have gone from Level 2-60 in under a year. :slight_smile:

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Level 4 today. It took 607 days. Yeah!

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@jprspereira actually wrote a post on how to use WK thrice a day and level-up efficiently. It’s somewhere in my bookmarks but I have to actually get back to work so I am posting this as a reminder to myself to reply to you later.

Unless, of course, he links it to you first.



639 days to get to level 60.

Not the greatest consistency, but hey! I am here!

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I don’t know how you guys can level up so fast (7/8 days) constantly :confused: I’m no newbie (already knew >1k kanji), but I can’t quite get to that speed, I always mistype some reading or type not supported meaning…

3 weeks and 1 day. I’m hoping to progress faster from here on out.

By the way, how did you all get your dope data visualization?

You can use it for whatever time per level you want. You’d just have to reduce the number of new lessons per day. The whole system will work anyway. The advantage is that you’d still have a healthier 15 days/levels than if you weren’t following the system. Also, I would guess that following that structure will allow a 15 day/level user to reach 12 day/levels or 10day/levels with a way more healthier progress and without that much effort.

I do sleep. Sometimes…

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I’ve been told that was only on Wednesdays…
Anyway, おはようございます!

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11 months. But it took me 2 months to level up from 15-16 due to vacation and reasons…

It’s not going anywhere :slight_smile: I have too many Kanji to learn to go writing emails about usernames!

Are you able to do reviews at work? I come in 20 minutes early each morning and do WK at work. My largest review is always first thing in the morning. Then I can do one at lunch, and another right after work. It’s usually not too bad.

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I think my biggest issue is that I don’t have time at work. I’ve had quite a few people tell me that’s how they manage, but I work at a warehouse where I’m on my feet all day. I DO have a computer but I use it for a total of 20 or so minutes each day to input inventory. My lunch break is 30 minutes but I’m the slowest eater in the universe. :sweat:

This is really helpful! Thank you so much! :grin:


143 days to get near the end of 17.

That does make it trickier, but you can still progress well by reviewing each day just before and after work. If you always do lessons in the 6pm hour then your 4 hour review comes at 10, hopefully not too late for you. The 8 hour review will then be ready for you next morning. It won’t be absolute max speed but plenty good enough.

I can relate re. lunch, I’m a super slow eater too.

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