How fast should I be progressing?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a lot, considering I got over a thousand on level 20. But whatever works for you! I’ll probably experiment with speed at some point again, to see if I can speed up without feeling overwhelmed or that quality of my reviews decreased.

I know of leeches of course and have a script to be able to review them. But I never got into habit of reviewing them and a lot of them didn’t even feel like leaches. But I definitely have a few I know off. I usually fix them by coming up with a better mnemonic or improving my visualisation of it

I feel like the Pareto principle is very accurate while I do reviews. I know 80% of the words well and they take 20% of my energy while the other 20% I don’t know as well and they end up taking 80% of my energy. That’s why I mentioned leeches. The common advice is to not give them much of your time, since they’re just a bucket of water in a pool. However, I feel that at least it’s important to review them to yourself right after the review session. Not all items have the same level of “leechiness”. If you can prevent some from becoming real suckers, why not :stuck_out_tongue:

Already stuck a couple of months on lv8, no progress, 400 reviews daily.

do you get your reviews down to zero every day, and still have 400 to do every day? 大変!
If you keep getting the same apprentice items wrong, I would suggest spending some more time relearning those.

Can you recommend a good leeches script? I’m reaching the point where I could definitely use this, but unsure which scripts are the best to use! Thanks!

Taken from the WK Guide I’m writing:

  • Wanikani Self-Study Quiz: Have you ever wished to review a certain type of items or from a specific level? This is it. This script allows you do an extra and personalized reviewing of any items you’ve already learned on WK. Do not worry, as this script will not influence the SRS level of items.

  • WaniKani Open Framework Additional Filters: This script serves as an upgrade to the Self-Study one I mentioned above. Basically, it will add filters such as “most recent items learned” and “leeches” (most difficult items for you) to your Self-Study script. For the distance of just a couple clicks, you can get all the extra reinforcement on the items you need the most :slight_smile:

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The one I used was this one: [Unsupported] Leech training script

But seems to not work anymore, although someone re-deployed it.

That’s a lot of reviews for such a level. Can you post screenshot of your levels overview. You got to continue learning new items weekly, even if you have reviews to do. It took me awhile to understand that, I would always make my reviews go to 0 before I’d pick up new items. That’s not the case anymore, I always do 40 new items a week, even if I have things to review (which is now always). I would prioritise reviews though, maybe clean 50-70 before picking up new items, just to make sure they don’t get out of hand

Most of the time I’m around less than 50% correction.

Something like this?

Going to resurrect this thread again, cause I like to keep it as my own personal advice box :smile:

What’s everyone thought on how long should you be thinking about a kanji/vocab during review? Do you write what first comes into mind, to quickly get through your review queue. Or do you take time to think and try remember what it is?

I definitely find myself able to recall something after a minute of thinking, but that leads to loooong review times. So sometimes I go with what first comes to my mind, to review faster, but that usually means a lot more mistakes…

Not sure which approach is better

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I generally find that if I don’t know a meaning or reading pretty quickly (maybe 10-20 seconds at most?) that I don’t know it well enough to progress the SRS. So I’ll just type something incorrect and look over the item info, either during or after the review session.


I think there’s good reasons for both approaches.

If you don’t recall something within a few seconds, you don’t really know it all that well and getting it wrong means more practice.

On the other hand, barely managing to recall something is the ideal scenario when it comes to the length of SRS intervalls.

Considering how many reviews I have to do every day though (about 500, it’s not just Japanese and WaniKani), I don’t like to think about them too long.
Just dismissing something if you dont recall it right away obviously increases workload too, so a few seconds of thinking about it is fine imo. As always it’s the healthy middle ground :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wait 500 daily on level 6?! How does that work :joy: I do maybe 100-150 daily

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Yeah, as I said, it’s not just Japanese :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m doing about ~150 on WaniKani daily because things haven’t moved to enlightened or burned yet.
Once they do I’ll have about 200 per day on WaniKani, because I’m doing 20 lessons every morning.
Then there’s Bunpro, KaniWani and Anki (for Japanese and other things).

I’m a full time student and have pretty much no responsibilities in life other than studying, so I don’t think I’m too good for comparison :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I totally glanced over the fact it was not just WaniKani. My bad

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That was a good article, surprised I’ve missed it. Thanks

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I started December 25th. Just landed on Level 11 now, 26th April. I’ve pretty much done all the reviews as they arrived (bar a couple) So, 4 months to get to Level 11. I haven’t even burned one kanji yet! It feels a tad slow but rock and roll…I’m in no rush anyway! Right, now for some Hibana Spark on Netflix…there’s some cracking casual Japanese in it!

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Started December 30, Level 8 recently. Seeing my progress is slow compared to others is starting to creep up on me.