How fast do i need to level up to finish wanikani in two years?

OP, do you have a basis in grammar as well?

Because I dont see a point to rush in WK you wont immersion somehow into other media, wk alone is not enough.

That’s what I am doing since level 11 and from 8 days per level, now it is 12 days per level because I am spending some time also learning grammar.

As someone who did all the fast levels at full speed and raced to 60 in only 353 days, I definitely don’t recommend speedrunning. Or rather, I’d say speedrun the first half and take your time after that. The last few levels have mostly obscure kanji and words that don’t matter much and it’s a huge slog to get through. I was spending over three hours a day on reviews at the peak, and I barely remembered them anyway.

Adding on the fast levels : I did them and you should prepare yourself to have +500 daily reviews. The other levels, I needed 6-8 days. It is very grueling.

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