How fast are you guys progressing?

first lvls 1-10 like 8-9 days on average. Now close to 14-15 days per lvl. Wanikani workload peak is around lvl 19-20 so most people usually gonna slow down a little near these levels.

Im moving slowly because I’m also using another srs vocabulary app to supplement wanikani- torii.srs, wanikani teaches you only 4300 most common vocab and I want to start immersion as soon as possible. With the current pace, il be able to start watching animes with Japanese subtitles and decent comprehension at around lvl 30-35.

a general rule of thumb- it is recommended to reach fast lvls 10-15 in order to cover all kanjis in beginner textbooks for grammar. Then push till lvl 40. After that wanikani starts to show diminishing returns- you already established a sufficient base for immersion and considering the fact that most kanjis past lvl 40 are becoming very nuanced its much better to start learning them through context than from srs programme.

don’t let anyone going fast get you down… It’s been 3 years and I’m just about to level 37…that means ALWAYS doing my reviews every day (not always doing lessons - but I have NEVER reset)…but that’s my reality. It’s going to take me 5-6 years to finish it all.

You don’t hear from many of us that have to go slow for what it’s worth try to ignore the “I did it in a year” …those are the superstars that can retain stuff and actually get through…most people if they try to go that fast end up burning out and quit or go through many reset cycles and quit… (at least that’s my impression)

IMO…either dedicate all your jp learning for the next year to WK and go FAST if you can or … take it slow and steady… honestly though it took me a long time to find the current pacing looking at my stats and how much I can do with all the other studying I’m doing. I was in the 20s before I was getting death by leeches (IF WK would finally build a BUILT IN leech manager for the love of…)

tried keeping the apprentice items under control but in my case it wasn’t enough… looked at my overall stats and averaged all things together and found that my average level over the course of all the time is really going to be 40-45 days… so went with that and keep my NEXT days reviews about 100 based on my failure rate of about 30% (the WK intervals are horrible for me)

as an example i typically get about 40 reviews in the morning and based on how many reviews are the next day with the remaining after the 40 done… I see if the total goes above 100 and then don’t add any new lessons past that … it’s much slower this way but it’s manageable for me


Say Today it’s 6 am and I have 97 reviews pending.
I do my reviews on a break at work and do about 45 of them … leaving 52 left to do for the rest of the day
I look at the next day review numbers after my review lesson is complete … if the numbers of the next day review say 62 for example then I take the remaining 52*0.3 (failure rate) + next day 62 = 77.6 about 78 reviews the next day…ok great I can do lessons… I rarely do more than 10… usually 6-8.

Now say the next day same thing… I have for some reason 103 reviews pending at 6am and it’s morning break and I do 48 leaving 55 for the day.
taking the same math 55*.3 = 16.5
tomorrows review count is say 85… add that and it’s > 100…so no new lessons that day…

kind of round about way to do it…but for me it’s been working ok (prior to this I was doing 2-2.5 week level ups and hitting a leech wall from hell where I was being forced to spend 3 months or so just working on leeches w/o new lessons just to try to get them under some sort of control again

(WHEN WILL WK CREATE A BUILT IN LEECH MANAGER …with BUILT IN being the important part…yes there are scripts … don’t care BUILT IN!!! ) this is by far the main reason I don’t recommend wk to anyone anymore… SRS w/o some sort of built in leech manager is awful! the amount of time learning things wrong and wasting time on cards that you can’t suspend or do anything with… just makes you wanna quit.

You can see where I had to stop and just grind on leeches w/o doing lessons…was super demotivating!

and my current accuracy numbers are not great…they have been slowing working down over the past year but it is what it is…just maddening to see how times I’ve entered the incorrect answer (almost 40k shees)…makes me feel dumb…

but the thing to do is do your best to ignore the people that are always omg I did horrible and only got 90%…shees I’m happy when I break 75%…my average over the course of a day is about 72-74%…been consistently that way for the last 2 years…

focus on what you can do and try to find the speed at which you can progress w/o burnout and being overwhelmed. If you are intent on learning kanji quickly then get the reorder script, skip the vocab, and if that’s not fast enough then consider another resource…the first 3 levels being free really doesn’t tell you anything about how things will be when you climb to higher levels.

Best of luck!!!


Speed doesn’t matter. 1 level every 20 days is plenty.
A lot of the Wanikani speedrunners just do Wanikani for a year straight. I don’t
think that’s a very good idea.

While doing Wani, you should try and do some other Japanese studies imo.


just over 7 days is my average at around 93-95% vocab and kanji accuracy. But, i have a lot of free time though being homebound. i do reviews between working on artwork during my day or between bits while gaming.

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18 days on average right now. But I’m slowing it down for a bit. Thats mostly because im using 3 different srs systems at once (wanikani for kanji, kitsun for the genki vocab and bunpro for grammar srs) and wanikani is no longer my main priority since im level 10 (which means most of the n5 kanji is added) and ive got all the genki 1 vocab srs’ed so im focusing on the grammar right now.

Don’t worry about going fast, as long as you keep bashing your head against the brick wall of kanji you will break it down. Eventually.

I used to leveling up around 8-9 days/ level. However, I hit the wall at level 40. I could go at the same speed but I feel like my problem is not the kanji anymore so I invest my time on something else. Like grammar, vocabs, and immersion.


hell levels have been quite slow :shushing_face:

before it was 11 days, now 19 days doing stuff only from lvl 34.


I’ve been on level 32 for 76 days and before that I was on level 31 for 154 days, but I also have a back log of 780 lessons.


My speed always depends on how focused my head is functioning. I always go on with lessons until my head feels worn out… So my speed mainly depends on how my head/brain feels like after a level up. Best case I can do all lessons at once which normally means that I finish the level <10 days. Otherwise it’ll be around 10-15 days.

So imo just do a speed that feels good and doesn’t wear you out.

I wouldn’t worry about accuracy so much. For me, I feel like getting answers wrong is where I learn the most. I’d rather get something wrong instead of not doing the review and trying to just study it. I think I learn better and faster this way. I am still early on but I am at 82.3% accuracy overall and still averaging about 10 days per level.

Id never had to use the service except to buy the lifetime per paypal, so i cant tell much. As by speed, i rushed the first couple levels, slowed a little bit down until level 30 and now i m gonna half the speed and focus on more important parts of the language.

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no i doing my reviews and have average of 90% .

100x this! So true.

(Also, nice pfp :wink:)

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really slow now

many words dont stick to my mind lately so I keep getting wrong in reviews

I decreased to 60% accuracy after reviews session.

Hi @Smigedon san ! I just joined Wanikani and I was wondering how we can access this chart in your screenshot? Sorry for this out of the blue question, I didn’t find where to ask it :persevere: Also it’s so inspiring to see you’re at level 35 :smiley: Hope I can join you to level 60 one day soon!

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I am on the slower side here too. Officially started six years ago but did a reset to level 3 from 24 four years ago. Now onto level 42 and pushing through on average every 35 days. Early on I realised I spending far too long on here and not focussing enough on other areas of study, after all the goal is to learn Japanese, not to learn all the kanji readings but not know how or where to use them. I do all reviews every day, and then do only around 15 to 20 lessons per week, but that means that when I finish a level I have learnt pretty much every item in that level. I keep my apprentice pile down to around 80 or so. I figure I will get to level 60 sometime next year and will probably do some form of reset at that point to cement the readings even better.

(Not Smigedon but…)

Just go to and follow the steps there to create a new read-only token, which is the default configuration presented by WaniKani.


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Thank you so much @jordpuls san! Cheers to you and to your success :confetti_ball: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m about to come up on a year on wanikani in about 2 months which I’m embarrassed to talk about… but I took a break and I was lazy so that’s how is happened now I’m back and progressing 10-15 days per level…