How fast are you clearing your review items?

You guys are quick :laughing: It takes me around a hour to do 100 reviews :laughing: sometimes even more


I think usually my speed is items/2 minutes i.e. 50 items would be about 25 minutes. It varies a lot depending on how fresh the items are: Apprentice reviews are fast; burn reviews are slow.

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It’s also important to note that those who are quick are most likely doing the reviews using a physical keyboard and are quick typists.

I wouldn’t start a review session on my phone if it’s over ~30 reviews. It just takes too much time.


Just timed 16 reviews at 5 mins. NO cheating and 86% accuracy so I paused to think and also read the info on wrong and multiple meaning items.

I’ve been resorting to rikaikun and yomichan extensions when I have something on the tip of the tongue but I try to fill in garbage now when I can’t remember because I realise the SRS system won’t work if I keep doing that.

Using a PC and a fast typer, yet 20 sec per answer… I’m sure I can be much faster but speed has quite the cost!


Same here! Getting back from a month long wanikani vacation really takes a toll on accuracy and speed :frowning:


Just got through a chunk of 96 items in 15-16 minutes with 85% accuracy, but there were some radicals I burned in there so it probably would’ve taken a little more time if the radicals were kanji or vocab instead.

There’s actually this script that times how long your review session took if you’re interested in looking at how fast you do your reviews

It puts a small timer in the upper left corner of the screen when you’re doing your reviews (sometimes, I look at it to see how long I’ve been procrastinating like when I realize I went from 15 mins to 45 minutes when I thought "eh I’ll just quickly check my phone) and it tells you at the end of the review session how long it took :3


Am is seeing a new script request? Block phone until reviews are done :smiley:


easy easy, just gotta throw the phone outta the window and chain your hands to the keyboard, problem solved :))

Good adice about the phone.

The chains though… I am afraid the weight of the chains might impede your typing speed.

Welp, I lost the keys to my chains sooo guess I’m stuck here forever now ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Slow typing speed it is!

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I limit review sessions on Flaming Durtles app to 30 reviews a bunch. Not sure how much time it takes me to get through them, though.

Also on my laptop I just do the whole thing, with lightning mode, but I don’t know my average review time.

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I usually listen to songs (~5 mins each) every review and I finish 40-50 reviews on this duration, depending on my accuracy. Gets me an average of 80% accuracy

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I usually do 100 items in 35 mins. This includes reviewing failed items afterwards.

Edit:I just did 60 items in 11 mins including reviewing failed items. This time, I really cut out all the distractions. I should really focus more when I’m reviewing. I could save like 30mins each day.

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I’m a ‘completionist’ who has no scripts at all. I just did a session of 21 reviews on my kindle in 6 minutes. I got three potential burn items wrong.

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Oh no! I just installed my sixth script! Thanks for flagging it up. Now I need to get back to mine - in R - for work… If only I was one percent as good as those people who share their scripts with us!

It takes roughly 3 Minutes for ~ 40 items… So my average for 100 items is like 10 minutes I guess.
This were some newly added items… usually I dont let wanikani stack up to 100 items.

I try intentionally going through reviews, but to not move too slowly. Each item I recall the reading and meaning before typing in the answer. That way I review the meaning and reading twice for each item and hope that it hammers it into my memory a little better.
At this point I’m not sure if that has improved my retention, but it definitely makes me review slower.

@d-hermit do you feel like focusing on speed has impacted your retention at all? Have you noticed if your apprentice success is high but your guru+ success is worse?

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I just timed myself and I did 50 items in 10 minutes at 80% accuracy. I did reviews at what felt like my normal rate, so I don’t think there was an accuracy penalty. That’s about normal for me when I’m halfway between levels and have new items that I’m fast failing to reinforce.

In my experience, rushing reviews causes accuracy to suffer noticeably. Most commonly, I mix up similar looking words or kanji, but I make a lot of careless mistakes in general when rushing.

Review speed also depends a lot on how familiar you are with the material, and how many you miss. Words you’ve forgotten slow things down considerably because you have to guess, get it wrong, look at the right answer, then hope you remember it when you review it a second time.


For me focusing on speed is a method to stay motivated when destroying a pile of 100+ reviews.

It I am unsure about an item I write my best guess. If I am too unsure (and it’s not current level radical/kanji) I just submit A or あ. Sometimes it happens that I recall the item right after intentionally failing it. Presumably I could’ve got it right if I slowed down. But I don’t see a problem with it. Just means I didn’t know the item well enough, best review it again.

Quite often I fail on visually similar kanji. It also happens that I mix up meanings/readings for vocab that start from the same kanji and appears one aften another. Example:
I first answered meaning for 寸前 and then I am asked for reading of 寸法, which I fail because I expected reading for the first one and didn’t anticipate another vocab starting from 寸.

Overall, my accuracy didn’t go down much if at all. But I freed up a lot of time :wink: