How does vocabulary work in context sentences?

Currently level 1, I have been looking at the vocabulary words for example: 上がる being pronounced as あがる However in the examples below, neither are used in the context sentences. The closest I can see is ‘上が’. Why is it only ‘a’ and ‘ga’ but no ru?

My fever is rising steadily.

三かいまでエレベーターで 上が -りましょう。

Let’s go up to the 3rd floor using the elevator.


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The verbs are conjugated into different forms. The verb stem is the “aga” which stays intact.

The form ending in “shou” means “let’s …” the one ending in “te” is the (duh) te-form. Add “ru” and it means something like “is rising”, a progressive form.


Aye, in the examples you’ve specified, 上がります is 上がる conjugated into the ~ます form, while 上がって is 上がる conjugated into the ~て form. You’ll learn about these conjugations when you start studying grammar.


Thanks for the replies everyone :slight_smile: Much appreciated

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