How does the word exist?

So I’m just starting and I came across this Vocab word Unskillfull 下手 and I’m like how is this へた
I cant find へ in the readings for 下 and I can’t find た in the readings for 手
Is this crazy or what

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You know about kunyomi, right. That’s when a native Japanese word is assigned to a single kanji. This is jukujikun, where a native Japanese word is assigned to two kanji. Others include 今日 and 大人. The whole word is assigned to the pair as a whole, so you can’t break it up like you tried searching for.

Since it’s an exceptional reading, you won’t see anything from it categorized as kunyomi or anything.


Ahh I see, I didn’t know that! Thanks heaps!


You might find this interesting!



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You’ll start to find there’s a fair number of words like this. See:
today - 今日 (きょう)
tomorrow - 明日 (あした)
yesterday - 昨日 (きのう)

Unfortunately there’s not really anything you can do beyond memorizing each separate word. The rule you mean hear about kun’yomi being for words made of 1 kanji and on’yomi being for words made of 2+ kanji holds most of the time, but there’s a large enough number of cases that’s not true for that it’s hard to rely on. Don’t be surprised when a new vocab word has a reading you didn’t expect. It happens a lot.

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You can find more of these: Here


This has worked btw haha it’s in my head now
-Memes are gonna help me burn :fire::turtle::+1:t2:

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And I just saw the memes pages :open_mouth::nerd_face:

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I tried making one :grimacing:


Do you want to post that in my thread?

I just made a new Naruto one: Here ^ _ ^

Nice one!! Yer of course if it’ll help everyone, it helps me remember :relaxed:

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Go ahead and post it over there and I’ll link it up on the OP. ^ _ ^

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