SOMEONE explain this exception to the rules


Okay so this vocabulary word for unskillful is read as (へた) but why?
Which historian do I have to interrogate for an easier way to remember this reading?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Kanji. Where even when you think you understand them, a new surprise always awaits.


“Hater” mnemonic is super effective against it.


There are words that come from Japanese before kanji was imported from China, and often they are assigned a single kanji. You know this as kunyomi.

When they are assigned multiple kanji with a single reading, it’s called 熟字訓 じゅくじくん. Other examples include 大人 and 今朝.

The reading is exceptional and unique to this particular assigned kanji combo. It’s not as though 下 also has the reading of へ in other contexts.


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