How do you set how many lessons you do a day?

Hello, I am fairly new to WaniKani and keep reading in all the posts how people set how many lessons you do a day. I have been in the settings and adjusted the limit of lessons, but have been unable to figure out a way to get a set amount of lessons a day. I really want to grind and finish WaniKani as quickly as possible, but it takes me such a long time to reach the next level, because I have lessons infrequently.

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You need to go to Settings → App → Lesson Settings → Maximum Recommended Daily Lessons to set a fixed amount of lessons to do every day. All you need to do then is do these lessons. Of course, you also have to have available lessons in order for this to work.

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You might not want to go too fast, though, as you will eventually burn out

Just to explain “how to level up fast” because it can be buried in the knowledge pages:

Getting radicals to guru level will unlock the remaining kanji for your level. Getting 90% of the kanji for that level will bring you to the next level with new radicals. To level up ASAP you need to:

  1. Do radical lessons/reviews ASAP
  2. Start kanji anytime between when you start radicals and when your radicals have gurued (this is a 3d10h window for every level except 1+2, or more time with mistakes)
  3. Do all the kanji lessons by the time your radicals have gurued
  4. If you do all your kanji reviews exactly on time, they will guru in another 3d10h
  5. Assuming you answered 90% of the kanji correctly, you’ll level up :tada: This means you can go back to Step 1.

The timings for reviews are 4 hours later → 8 hours later → 23 hours later → 47 hours later. This gives you the 3d10h I keep talking about. You don’t have to strictly follow this, but if you stall your reviews by 10 hours or something then you can accidentally delay level up time by a lot.


Just to set some expectations most levels take just under 7 days if you optimize the schedule and have a consistently high review accuracy.

Some levels are “fast”, including the first few levels and some higher levels.

What makes a level fast is that you don’t have any kanji locked behind a radical on the same level. So you can learn all the kanji on the level immediately and then review all of them.

Fast levels take just under 4 days.

In my experience it’s was the most manageable to do one level in ~9 days. It’s on the faster side but gives you some leeway.

And you’ll be at lvl 60 in about 1.5 years. Or lvl 50 in just 15 months.

I think it’s important to get the base of the bb kanji down as far as you can so that you can read stuff.