How do you remember kanji with many pronunciations?

生 =



I got the first 3 down but now there are 2 new which I keep forgetting.
Do you make up a new mnemonic or ?
Requesting help.

Wanikani will introduce you to new readings via vocab. In most cases its easiest just to learn alternative readings as they come up, WK tries to teach the most common reading/s and the rest you can just grab when you run across them in the wild.


When you’re trying to remember the kun’yomi, the okurigana helps. 生む is always う, 生きる is always い, 生える is always は and so forth. Don’t try to lean the readings in isolation. That’s why in the dictionary, the readings are written as う・む or う(む) or something like that.

Also, don’t forget せい. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you have trouble remembering how, for example, 生む is read, read うむ out loud ten times every time you do a review, and you will eventually start to feel that いむ or はむ definitely sounds wrong.

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Try not to get hung up on that.
It’s a lot easier to remember the reading of individual words that happen to use the same kanji, than trying to figure out the reading based on the kanji.

Like musera said, whenever you learn new vocabulary on WaniKani it will tell you how it’s read.
So you know “Ah, ‘to live’ is 生きる and in this case 生 happens to be い”.

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