How do you install Breeze Dark 2?

I’m struggling to install Breeze Dark 2 theme for WaniKani. I’m using tampermonkey on google chrome and every other script works fine. This is the link to the post:Breeze Dark 2 - WaniKani Dark Mode . Could someone send detailed instructions on how to install this please?


You need to install Stylus to use it, Tampermonkey won’t help you in this case :slight_smile: After you installed it, simply click on the link for the Breeze Dark 2 theme

Tampermonkey is for userscripts that change the behaviour of the website, but the Breeze Dark 2 theme just changes the appearence of the website, and for that, Stylus is (usually) used. (Not sure if there are exceptions, but in this case, you definitely need Stylus)


NeoArcturus has pretty much got you covered, so in the interest of learning:

Breeze Dark 2 is what’s called a userstyle. It’s not a script because it is not javascript that changes the behavior of a website. Those are called userscripts. Userscripts need a script manager to be able to run, like Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey. But userstyles need a style manager/injector. The one you want to use is Stylus. There used to be (or maybe still is, idk) one called Stylish, but some very poor, privacy invasive decisions were made with it if I recall correctly and now Stylus is the de facto standard for userstyle management.


Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for Breeze Dark 2 at any point @SSingh1302, I’m always looking to improve it where possible :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help, I’ve got it working now!

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Thanks for this explanation, I’ve got it working now!

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Will do! But it is a really good style!


No problem, always happy to help :smile: