How do you do little yu?

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little yu = jyu じゅ
きゅ (kyu)

basically consont + yu

Or just “lyu” if you need the small character alone.

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“ju” works too, by the way.
じゅう = “juu”

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Also for future reference, to make any character small you can type x before it


Do you know how to pronounce the word in the first place?

Just type as you would pronounce the word in Hepburn Romanization.

じゅう is jū or juu in Hepburn
In Nihon-shiki, it is zyū

But, I personally type jyuu

Also, for future reference, some character aren’t type as pronounced, namely
ぢ di and づ du
There, you would use Nihon-shiki.

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Welcome. Here’s a cool trick. A small u will appear if you double type the letter that is supposed to follow it. You will see as you level up.

Just in case some other typing problems arise (ん or っ) have a read here: How to Type in Japanese (And Fun Characters Too!)

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Huh? You mean small つ?

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You are my savior. I’ve been typing in Japanese for a couple of years now so I’ve been too ashamed to ask!



yes, I mean small つ

Yeah I can never get it to enter the small tsu so I just copy and paste it from an existing document.

Well, someone linked to an article explaining how to type everything, so you shouldn’t have that issue anymore.

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