How do I write "My Japanese Holiday"?

Sorry if this is a very easy question, but how would I write the phrase “My Japanese Holiday” (or alternatively “My trip to Japan”) as the title for a piece of writing?

Presumably it is 私の日本ご something?

I have to do a presentation for class this week, and I have written all of the context, but I’m not sure how to phrase the title. There are so many different words for ‘holiday’ and as it is the very start of my presentation I want to be sure it’s right.

Thank you in advance.

日本語(にほんご) refers specifically to Japanese as a Language.

You can just go with 私の日本旅行(にほんりょこう)
This is effectively My Japanese Trip (in the sense of a short visit for leisure or work, travel).

Most of the words for holiday are more related to taking time off, seasonal festivals etc.


ありがとうございました! I am very grateful.

Wouldn’t 休日 work as well? It’s even a level 4 Vocab.

Most of the time that word is used to describe a day off as opposed to a trip kind of holiday, like @Subversity was saying.



You’ll also see 定休日 (ていきゅうび) quite often in shop signage (restaurants mostly) to denote which days they are closed during the week.


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