How do I type long vowel in WaniKani review?

How do I type the long vowel in WaniKani in the review box?
I know it’s supposed to be びーだま but I can’t double type the vowel like I can for small tsu.

You can insert the - by just typing the hyphen and it should accept that.

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I think I just enter a dash, as in “hi-dama”.

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Or bi-dama?


like the others said, you can just put a hyphen.
I have a related question though, I thought the long dash was only used to extend vowels in katakana. Would びーだま actually be a valid spelling of the word?

Yes, it would be! You can see the long vowel dash in hiragana words like らーめん as well, on store fronts mostly. But it’s rare I think.

Also WK’s aim here is to teach the reading. WK chooses to allow hiragana for all of their katakana entries.


That might be helpful, now that I think about it :rofl: :woman_facepalming:


Yeah, use the - key =)

This one scared me though, when I first got it I had no clue how to do it! (mainly the small e)
But got it first try: efferutou

Thanks everyone!
I feel so stupid, that was so easy :sweat_smile:

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Don’t feel stupid, it tripped me up as well and I’m sure it helped others.

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