Help with "bead," please!

I just unlocked the vocabulary word “bead” and I’m having trouble typing it during reviews. The problem is that one of the characters it’s made of is the katakana equivalent of つ. You know, the one that looks like the kanji for “one?” I’m just trying to figure out how to type that symbol. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: Thank you all so much for your help! Also, calling “-” the katakana equivalent of “tsu” was a mistake on my part. I also made the mistake of talking about the “bead” vocabulary word when what I meant to say was “marble.” I’m new to Wanikani, so I am very grateful for the community’s understanding and support!

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Just type a regular hyphen ‘-’.

When you’re using a Japanese keyboard (or when Wanikani does it for you), this will write the ー instead.

Also, I think you mean the katakana equivalent of an extended vowel. The katakana equivalent of っ is ッ.


It’s not at all the equivalent of つ, it’s the long vowel mark, and it’s just a hyphen. You may want to review your kana.

@CherryTree You mean ‘marble’? ビー玉 biidama. It’s an elongated vowel. So for the Katakana just use the hyphen as @UntitledName UntitledName said to do. That simply indicates a ‘long’ vowel in Japanese. Which is not in anyway similar to long vowels in English. It simply means ‘held longer.’

For the Hiragana there is a special table to follow to hold the vowels longer ie: long vowels. If you need to see it let me know. I’ll see if I can find the picture I have of it in the meantime just incase.

Oh, I see! Thank you very much. And yes, I should have said that. My bad!

Thank you so much! And yes, I missspoke (mistyped?).

Yeah, I got things mixed up in my head. I probably should review a bit :sweat_smile:

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My mistake! Thank you for your help.

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