How do I say "How many months"?

Hello everyone. I have a question.

I recently learned at wanikani that:

  • 何日(なんにち): What day / How many days
  • 何月(なんがつ): What month
  • 何年(なんねん): What year / How many years

But how do I say/ask “How many months?”

Thank you all



ヶ月 is the counter for a number of months


Just hit that lesson myself at level 9. Not sure why it isn’t bundled in a little earlier since it doesn’t introduce any new kanji,

So 何ヶ月 (なんかげつ) is the question form (the repeater is written as か here for some reason This was just wrong. Please see replies below)
The reply would be 一ヶ月, 二ヶ月、etc

Just be careful with 一ヶ月 (its いっかげつ not いちかげつ)

I’ve also seen the reply written as 一月 (ひとつき)、二月 (ふたつき)、三月(みつき) but I’m not sure how interchangeable these are, so I’ll let a more senior learner jump in here

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It’s not the repeater - the repeater is 々, not ヶ

ヶ is a replacement for 箇 or 個, which is in itself a generic counter for the いち/に/さん counting system (as opposed to つ, which is the generic counter for ひと/ふ/み, and can somewhat confusingly also be written as 個).


ooh, I had no idea. My brain just scraped over it as the repeater. I have a bad habit of skipping over katakana too, so it was a double whammy on my part.

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…and it is pronounced か (or sometimes が), even though it looks like katakana ke, which is why the reading for the whole word is なんかげつ.

You also see it in place names, like famous samurai battle location 関ヶ原 (せきがはら).


Fun fact: you can even write it with an IME as “lke” or “xke”.


Regarding these two possible answers and more, I found a post on Tofugu website about “counting months”. Gonna look into it later. Thanks guys

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