How do I reschedule Anki lessons by level?

I’m new to Anki, only using it because I need to specifically do Kanji from WaniKani so I can learn to recall them by writing them out. I imported a custom deck into Anki. I followed the instructions listed here. I should be able to order by fields, right? Otherwise, what is the point of fields at all? I have no programming skill so I won’t be able to code this myself unless it is very, very simple. I’m using Anki 2.1.4. I want to order my new lessons by the “level” field. I don’t really care if it resets all my progress. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Thanks.

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When you are in the card browser click on fields. In that window there will be a selector you can check to sort by that specific field. That will rearrange your cards by that field. Keep in mind that you will also need to set the options to show the cards to you in “order added” instead of random. You should be good to go from there.



“set the options to show the cards to you in “order added” instead of random” how do I do this part?

On the main Anki screen, find the WaniKani deck and click on the Cog to it’s right. That opens a drop down menu, click on ‘Options’ and then change ‘Order’ (second down), to ‘show new cards in order added’. Picture for help v

You will find it in the deck Options.

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Alright so I listed them in browser by level, set it to order added, and now the new cards I learn should be by level, right?

Yeah I don’t think it worked. I tried testing only new cards in custom study and I was only getting level 18.

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to view new cards in a certain order, I want to learn them by level.

If you didn’t make the cards yourself on that User then I don’t think there is a way to order them. The only way I can think of is to have two decks, a ‘standby’ and a ‘current’ where you move the kanji across in the level you want to order them. So you put all the cards in the ‘standby’ and move all the level 1 cards into your ‘current’ deck, once you’ve gone through those then you move the level 2, so on and so forth.

Yeah I imported into Anki. And I don’t want to just abandon each level after I “complete it”, I want it to come back after a period of time like a regular SRS system. Does anyone know a way I can do this?

Maybe I didn’t explain well enough… Moving the cards into the deck that you’re learning from (‘WaniKani’) lets you choose what cards to learn, I do it myself.

If you move all your kanji cards into a ‘Temp’ deck but the level 1 kanji cards, then in your WaniKani deck all the new cards will be level 1 kanji. When all the level 1 kanji go into the SRS timeline, you can move the level 2 kanji from Temp to WaniKani. This will make it so the ‘new’ cards in the deck are level 2 kanji, while the level 1 kanji are still coming up on the SRS times. So as you add each new level, you’re still reviewing the old levels’ kanji in the same deck.

Hopefully that makes sense :smiley:

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So do I have to delete all the cards in my current Wanikani deck to put them back in by level from the temporary deck?

No, you can just move them to a new deck

So do I have to go into browser to move them? I’m a bit confused, I’m very new to all of this, sorry.

And the temp deck should be a copy of the WK deck right? With the same formatting and everything?

‘Browse’ at the top of the screen >> Select all the cards >> ‘Change Deck’ >> Click on your ‘Temp’ deck

No worries :blush: Glad to help

The Temp deck can just be a default deck, it’s just there to be a temporary spot for kanji while you gradually move them across

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And when I move them back into the WK deck, they’ll keep the same formatting/tags/etc that they had when they were in the WK deck? Now I just select the level 1 cards from temp and put them into WK until they’re all review lessons, right?

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Would clicking “add” instead of “move” have the same effect but keep the cards in temp in case I needed them in the future for some reason?