How did you learn the 〜つ, 〜日, and 〜月 irregularities?

I’m having problems with the various exceptions to the counters. For those of you that have figured them out, what helped?

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Repeated exposure. They’re extremely common, so you can’t help but get used to them.


Ehehe. Okay. I’ll solider on then. :slight_smile:

Honestly I just. gave it a bash, got 'em wrong and it helped drill it. Now when they pop up, I take a sec to go through them in my head, remembering the mistakes I’ve made with them before. It DOES slow down the levelling process but it’s helped me properly learn them.

When I took classes, I thought I’d never learn them, but constantly going over them really helps. Try getting an Anki deck for them or something, after a while it should become clearer.

It’s the same with remembering when to use よん / し, なな / しち, and きゅう / く.

For days I found this really silly video on youtube of these Australian kids who sing them in a song. I think i saw that there was a “hamburger song” for the generic counter. sorry no links, on mobile. But if youre really interested just say and I can try to find them. The song is literally the only way i could remember the days!

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