How bad is the burn wave?

Hey folks. So I started burning things a few days ago, and today I had a lot of burn reviews. Most successful, but a couple of things dropped into my already largish guru pile. Even doing easy burn reviews takes time, and as things progress I’ll be getting more wrong, once all that nin/jin gubbins comes back round again. How much does all this add to your workload? What experiences have other folks had with this here turtle burning malarkey? I’ve been slowing down anyway due to a complicated house move, and I’m wondering how hard it’ll be to keep up with reviews now… (but I will keep up somehow!)


For me the failed burns have made my guru pile about 10-15% larger, and that’s currently spilling into the master pile which looks to be going the same way. From what I gather the workload will just keep on increasing for me (albeit slowly) until I stop doing lessons.


I can’t say things have changed all that much for me. The numbers are more or less the same for Apprentice, Guru, Master, Enlightened. But, I also haven’t had a lot of burn-reviews yet (though I did have 50 today). So, I haven’t slowed down my pace yet.

I’m actually more conscious about my Apprentice 1-2 items, them being too many. Whenever there are too many there, I slow down a bit to get the longer waiting times between reviews, but I’m not really changing anything from before I starting burning durtles.


In my experience the enlightened and master piles don’t do much to increase your workload, leeches or not. A 10-15% increase as rwesterhof noted sounds about right.

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I am not sure what to say except provide some weird loose encouragement. I had to move twice during the peak of corona madness and started burning items (and all I got was this lousy T-shirt… I’m joking) but I mean… it’s survivable.

You posting kind of hints that you do want to get some feedback positive energy so here you go puts hands in air DBZ style


This reply to what I said is absolutely glorious!

I meant Dragon Ball Z and I meant specifically when Goku is like asking the people of the Earth for their “energy” in order to whoop ass and save everyone (in a nutshell)


Genkidama! ^>^ Sending this specially to you @Davidos


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